Chapter 24: Girls Day

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Lucy POV

"Can I have a strawberry milkshake?" I asked Mira rubbing my eyes. She handed me my strawberry milkshake and gave me a weird look. "Are you okay? You look a bit... worn out." she said. I picked up a spoon and look at my reflection. My hair was frizzy. I forgot to brush it, dammit. Under my eyes I had bags. Not enough sleep. My eyes were red. Oh my God. Mira looked at me weirdly again. "What happened last night?" she asked.

I shook my head and groaned. "Nothing at all. Just not enough sleep. That's all." I put my head down and dozed off into a nap.

Natsu POV

When I walked through the guild doors I never expected to see Lucy back at the guild. Slowly, I made my way towards her and sat on a stool. She was sleeping, she looked like she hasn't slept for days. "She came in this morning a bit out of it. She just walked in asked for a milkshake and fell asleep. Didn't even finish it either." Mira sighed, cleaning some glasses.

"Mm." is all I said. The second I sat down next to her I knew what was wrong. I could smell it. No. I could smell him. But I didn't know what I should do, should I hunt his sorry ass down? No. Lucy would hate me forever if I did.

"Hey Mira, I'm gonna take her back home. She shouldn't be sleeping in this position it'll be bad for her." I grabbed Lucy bridal style and headed back to her apartment.

When we were right outside of her door I kissed her forehead and walked in. But I didn't expect to see this.

Sting POV

I stared shockingly at Natsu carrying Lucy. My fists and jaw clenched, I jumped up. "What are you doing with Lucy? Give her back!" I yelled. He just gave me a bored looking face, Natsu walked in laid her down on the bed and walked out. "Hey!" I yelled at him.

He turned back with the same expression. "Sorry. I don't have time time to waste on you right now." then he left. I was itching for a fight with that loser.

I kissed Lucy's head and crawled into bed next to her. "Don't worry Blondie. I'll be here for you."


Couple weeks later....


Lucy POV

"I'll have a strawberry shortcake!" Erza happily shouted to the baker. Me and Levy just sweatdropped at her enthusiasm. "Do you guys wants anything? Cause I'm not sharing my cake." she said. I giggled. "I'm good, thanks." I declined and so did Levy.

When Erzas cake was finished we walked towards the bookstore so we could return the books me and Levy borrowed yesterday since we both finished it. We arrived not to long after and quickly returned the books.

Today, was a girls day out you could say. Just us three since the other girls were busy. "Hey Lu-Chan! Look!" she pointed to a small ice cream cart. At first I wasn't really hungry but now I'm craving to eat. "Yeah let's get one. I'm hungry." I said. Erza poked my cheek while taking a bite from her cake. "You look a bit bloated Lucy."

I ignored it considering she's probably calling me fat. Their was an old woman serving at the cart, she happily greeted us and politely asked what we wanted. "Hello, I'll take a mint - chocolate chip ice cream cone..... And she'll have..." Levy looked at me. "I'll have a vanilla ice cream cone with all the toppings you've got." I said. Levy and Erza looked at me weird. "That's a lot Lucy." Ezra said. Yet she eats like 5 CAKES each day and doesn't gain an ounce.

"My goodness, what an appetite you have considering your well fit." the old lady smiled. She served us our ice cream then we were off. While we were walking I was eating my ice cream like their was no tomorrow and I could feel Levy and Erza staring me down.

But I finished it in like 5 minutes, completely surprising Erza and Levy. While on our way Erza spotted Gajeel and Pantherlily. "Hey, look Levy it's your Prince charming!" Erza said, she was about to wave them over until Levy stopped her. Levys face was bright red. "E - Erza!" she scolded. But it was to late Erza went running for Gajeel just to play around with Levy.

I let out a laugh watching Levy chase after Erza. "Guys wait up!" I shouted running. But I didn't run for long. Everything started to spin and next thing you know I was bending over puking. Erza, Levy, Gajeel and Pantherlily came rushing over.

"Are you okay Lu-Chan?!" Levy rubbed my back as I puked out the last of it. I wiped my mouth and answered, "Yeah... Just feeling a bit nauseous." she nodded her head. "Lets take you back to your apartment."


Levy POV

"What's up with Bunny girl?" Gajeel asked. I shook my head. "No idea. She's been acting weird lately though." He looked down at me with a serious face, as if asking me 'what do you mean?' . "Well she's been having huge cravings and appetites and she puked yesterday to. She said she's just been feeling nauseous."

Gajeel smiled with his eyes closed. Almost like he was kind of happy. "What are you smiling at?" He looked at me and pointed at Lucy in front of us with Erza. "Seems like Bunny girls got a baby on the way."

My eyes widened in shock. "You think Lucy is pregnant!?" I gasped. He covered my mouth making my cheeks heat up. "Eh, shrimp. Hush it! I don't think she wants to know right now." he scolded. I nodded.

When I processed everything it did make sense. It made total sense for Lucy to be pregnant. "Well you have to be sure. Gajeel could you do me a favor?" I asked. He raised his eyebrows. "What?" he asked. I whispered in his ear and he automatically shook his head. "Hell no."

I gave him the lip and puppy dog eyes. I could literally hear his manlyhood breaking. "Fine....." he then left us three alone.

Erza opened Lucy's apartment door and we were shocked to see him there. He was even sleeping in her bed shirtless but Lucy didn't seem phased at all by it. She just crawled into bed with him and fell asleep.

"What's Sting doing here?" Erza asked.

No way. If Lucy is pregnant..... STING IS THE FATHER?!?

I told Erza about everything and she was bipolar about it. She kept cheering for Lucy but she was crying tears of joy but she was also angry towards Sting. Idek.

"Yo!" Gajeel entered the apartment, carrying a brown paper bag. He gave it to me and stared at Lucy and Sting. I told him to leave and he did with no arguement. We woke Lucy up to tell her.

Lucy POV

I stared at Levy and Erza and saw a small paper bag. "What's that?" I asked. They both gulped, Levy started, "Lu-Chan..... We... Er... Believe you... That.... You know..... Your....."

Erza nudged Levy making her scoff. "Well.... Lucy.... We think your pregnant." I busted into a fit of laughter but saw that they weren't laughing. "Wait, you guys are serious?" they both nodded.

"WHY WOULD I BE PREGNANT?!" I screamed making Sting turn in his sleep. They explained it and I realized I actually do have a possibility of being pregnant. "But, if you aren't sexually active then their shouldn't be a problem. So are you sexually active?" Erza eyed me.

"Well....." I dozed off. They screamed. "Don't tell me you did it with Sting?! I mean, yeah he's hot but still!" Levy demanded.

"Anyways.... What's in the bag?" I asked. Levy pulled it out. "Nu uh. No ways." I crossed my arms. "Just to be sure." Levy comforted.

"But why do I need to take a pregnancy test?!"

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