Chapter 20: Another Accident

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Well.... I didn't ever say that their was only one accident did I? ;)
The book isssss called Accidents Happen


Lucy POV

When I woke up I sat up while groaning. I felt aches all over my body as I sat up. "Wow.... what happened last night...?" I asked no one in particular. Well no one is in my house anyways.

I wonder what happened to Sting? What happened to our date?


I closed my apartment door and started heading to the guild since I haven't been there in awhile. While I was walking over I felt weird, like something about me feels different. I feel a little sick and hungry but something else about me seems different. But I shrugged and kept walking.

When I got to the guild I opened the doors and saw the guild as rowdy and normal as ever. Seeing me, it caused them to go even more crazy. As if they haven't seen me in years. "Lucy!" everyone exclaimed.

I smiled at them and waved. "Hey minna!" I shouted back throughout the guild hall. I strolled over to the bar and sat down giving Mira and smile. "Want anything Lucy? You haven't been here in awhile." she grinned.

"I know and I'm sorry if I made any of you worried. Its just that..... I've been busy." I stated trying not to get attention from Mirajane. She glanced at me with a weird smirk. She caught onto me.

"So... Who's the boy?" she asked in a mischievous type of voice. I bit my lip. "What are you talking about Mira? Theirs no boys in my life. Nu uh. Zero. Nope. None. Nothing. Loner for life. You know... Hehe..." I tried to save myself but I was to late.

"Is it Lyon? Ew no. Or is it Gajeel? Ew no. GaLe for life. Maybe Gray? Uh no... Juvia would've killed you by now.... My senses is telling me that he's not in our guild is he...?" she gave a sly smirk. I just glanced at here then back down at my lap.

"Eeeek! Okay... Is it Lamia scale? No.... SABERTOOTH!" she yelled. I lowered my head even more causing her to squeal again.

"It could be Rogue! Or.... Sting...." she trailed off. I could feel her staring at me, hard. I slouched over and kept my head down.

"STING EUCLIFEE?!...... Oh... My.... Kami..." I just died on the inside. But not long after, she started screaming her head off but no one cared. No one paid any attention to us. This was practically normal for Mira. I mean, some people looked but mot for long.

I tried to change the subject. "Hey where's Natsu?"

Mira stopped and looked at me. "Good question. I haven't seen him all day." she thought to herself.

The doors opened showing Natsu. Speak of the devil. I waved at him with a bright smile. But when he noticed me his face turned bright red and he looked away, rubbing the side of his neck awkwardly.

"Huh? What's wrong with Natsu? He's usually excited to see you." Mira pointed out his strange behavior. I nodded and watched him walk over to a table alone.

"Maybe I should go check on him." I stood up from the bar stool and made my way over to him. When I started to approach him he looked even more uncomfortable. I sat down across of him at the table and stared awkwardly at him while he was avoiding contact. "What's wrong?" I asked first.

He glanced up at me then looked back away. "You don't remember?" he asked. I shook my head slowly not knowing what he's talking about. He sighed. "Last night-" before he could finish Sting came walking into the guild. The first thing you heard was Miras loud squeal from the bar.

Sting searched the guild for me then walked over to us when he found me. "Hey Blondie." he greeted with a toothy smile.

I scoffed. "I told you not to call me that." I scolded. Natsu rolled his eyes and stood up. "I'm gonna go on a mission." he excused himself but I stopped him. "Oi! Let me go with you! I haven't gone on one in awhile especially with you." I was going to follow him but he stopped without looking at me. He faced his back to me and said. "Look I'll talk to you about that thing. But for now I need some space so I'm going to go on this mission alone." he then left to the mission board.

I was in shock. That was like the one and only mission Natsu refused to let me go with him. Sting just watched me awkwardly but spoke up to break the weird atmosphere. "Well. Lucy. I'm sorry for not showing up last night. Just that Rogue is sick and he needed my help. I'm really sorry!" he bowed and practically prayed for me not to slap him. I didn't though.

"Its.... Its okay. Wanna go somewhere?" I suggested. He simply nodded and we left the guild to who knows where.


Sting POV

I saw how Blondie was stressing out. She kept fidgeting and didn't talk as much. Something was bothering her greatly. "You okay?" I asked as we we're just taking a stroll through Magnolia.

She was spacing out so she didn't hear me. "Hellooo!" I waved my hand in front her, snapping her out of her trance. She shook her head and asked. "What?"

I rolled my eyes. "I said. You okay? You don't seem like your normal self." I became worried for her.

She just giggled. "Don't worry. Just thinking about my rent." she smiled.

I nodded my head in understanding. "Oh. Well what do you want to do today? Today can be our date, you know to make up for yesterday." I nudged her.

She shrugged. "Lets go to the park! I love watching the cherry blossom trees." her cheeks lit up with a cute light pink. It was so adorable.

"Okay. Lets go then." I agreed then we started to continue to walk in a comfortable silence.

Whatever she was thinking about earlier. It wasn't about her rent. Something happened that I don't know about. I can sense it.

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