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On the run [Completed] (Fairy Tail Fanfic) NaLu by Chocolate-Cupcakes
On the run [Completed] (Fairy Chocolate-Cupcakes
Set after the GMG, Lisanna witnesses an affectionate exchange between Natsu and Lucy. She refuses to accept that and will go great lengths to get the blond out of the wa...
Forever Yours [NaLu❤] by thefinestwine
Forever Yours [NaLu❤]by Thunderbitch
✿◉●•◦Natsu x Lucy◦•●◉✿ Mira will stop at nothing until Lucy and Natsu realize their feelings for each other. But little did she know that nature has also paired them tog...
He and Me (Old Edition ) by RavenBlake001
He and Me (Old Edition )by 尺丹∨モれ
Lucy and Natsu were childhood friends. The inseparable. But Natsu had to leave her for his training. Cause he is the son of a gangster he had to prepare for everything...
The Children of Dragons by 1Moonflame8
The Children of Dragonsby 1Moonflame8
What if Jude isn't Lucy's father? What if she isn't completely human? What if it's her that Zeref wants? This is a story of a child born of the stars and chaos who saved...
The Demon and The Princess | NaLu by Lucythegirl
The Demon and The Princess | NaLuby lucy mae
Lucy Heartfilia is a princess. The only child of King Jude and Queen Layla Heartfilia. She's been locked in the castle as long as she can remember and wants to escape he...
Taken by the Dragon Slayer | A NaLu Fan Fiction by Infinite_Midnight
Taken by the Dragon Slayer | A ✰ fluff queen ✰
Lucy and Natsu return home after a long mission- much to the joy of a certain blue exceed. But soon Lucy AND Levy are being targeted and Natsu and Gajeel have been assig...
The Beautiful Maiden (Nalu Fanfiction) by smilewith_me
The Beautiful Maiden (Nalu Just Smile with me
When a crew of wanted and dangerous pirates decided to visit the village of magnolia, they expected to go for a quick robbery and then be out but when a beautiful maiden...
The Star Goddess (NaLu Fanfic) by JeRein_14
The Star Goddess (NaLu Fanfic)by 👑 Rein Astraea
Book 1 of The Star Goddess series Lucy Heartfilia's real memories were sealed by her own mother. Her real name is Lucilyn Irish Heartfilia, daughter of the late Star God...
Fire, Blood and Stars by natsu_uzamaki
Fire, Blood and Starsby The Owl
Natsu is raised by Fire Dragon Igneel, and Blood Dragon Sanguinia. He has some knowledge of other forms, but his affinity is to blood and fire. He is super powerful, but...
Forgotten and Forgiveness by malzor82
Forgotten and Forgivenessby ~mal~
If you asked someone at Fairytail High who Lucy Heartfelia was, they would have no idea. She is like a shadow, fitting in with the crowd. Lucy has never spoken to anyone...
Her Crush | A NaLu Fan Fiction by Infinite_Midnight
Her Crush | A NaLu Fan Fictionby ✰ fluff queen ✰
Lucy Heartfilia has a hopeless crush on her best friend, Natsu Dragneel. Afraid to put both her heart and her friendship in jeopardy, Lucy keeps her feelings to herself...
Stronger by chocolate_islyfe
Strongerby ChocolateMuffin
Team Natsu decided to go on a job. The request was to kill this monster that was destroying villages for 500,000 jewels. They left for the job not knowing of the misfort...
Demons Love (Nalu) by saphirekey
Demons Love (Nalu)by saphirekey
"Luce...?" His voice pulling her out of her thoughts. "W-what type of deal.....?" She couldn't help her shaking wings that seem to now quiver in fe...
Meet the Queen by scardy_lol
Meet the Queenby scardy_lol
Natsu Etherious Dragneel, END in short and also known as the King of all Kings in the campus. He gets anything he wanted, name it and definitely he'll have it. He has th...
Memories(Nalu) by shmmmmm
Memories(Nalu)by shmmmmm
When the whole team is in danger, and defeat is prominent, Lucy uses an ancient spell to save them. But the cost of the spell, was none other than everyone's memories of...
My Lover by simpfornalu
My Loverby simpfornalu
The cold hearted Natsu Dragneel, more commonly known as king without a queen at Fairy Tail Academy . What happens when a certain blonde comes back into his life? Will th...
The Flower Angel by xxcutiebluexx
The Flower Angelby xxcutiebluexx
Hey! I started finishing some books in my drafts like this one. Hope you enjoy it :3 Lucilia Heartfilia is the Princess of Angels. The Heartfilia family were having a pi...
Needed Me » NaLu by solarvevo
Needed Me » NaLuby Kayaday
"First, you say you trust me then deny when I tell you the truth?! I see no logic here, Natsu." "I know what you're trying to do! Lots of girls do the sam...
Trouble Maker | Nalu✔ by Miraluvsanime
Trouble Maker | Nalu✔by Miraluvsanime
A nalu fanfiction. By: LaynaPanda Made in: 2014-2015 Characters owned by Hiro Mashima/ Fairytail.
More than friends by RavenBlake001
More than friendsby 尺丹∨モれ
Contain Nalu And Gruvia ***** "she was new here she needed help and friends to adjust here..... " he said in dangerous but low voice. "So why didn't you...