Chapter 33

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× Lucy POV ×

I laid down on my side in the infirmary, staring off into space. "Lucy?" I heard Mira call out. Of course I didn't answer but she came in anyways. She stood in front of me and gave a Mirajane smile. "I'm sorry if you feel like you're under house arrest, but I just want to monitor the baby closer and Lucy -- I'm always here if you need someone to talk to or even a shoulder to cry on."

With this said, I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I started to sniffle to hold back my tears but it was to hard. So I finally gave in and started crying my life out. "Oh Lucy. It's okay." she sat me up and hugged me. I cried and cried annd cried. "I really loved him Mira ....."

"I know you did. He really loved you to Lucy. He just made a really - really stupid mistake. But don't worry. Everyone is here for you. Even Natsu." she hugged me. And so I hugged her tighter.

× Sting POV ×

"Sting - just come out of your room. Please." Rogue talked through my door. I was laying on my side in my bed, holding Lucy's ring in my hand. "I'm sorry ....." I softly whispered, about 20 minutes later I heard someone call my name out from the other side of my door.

My body froze. It was Yukino. "Sting can I come in? I really think we should talk." Hearing her voice, it made me -- it made me pretty angry. "I don't want to talk. Go away." A few seconds passed and I heard nothing, causing my body to relax in ease. But out of no where my door was opened and there stood Rogue. "Get up. C'mon." he grabbed my arm and practiaclly dragged me out of my room.

"What's the big deal!!?"

"You're not gonna sit and rot in your room forever Sting. Go to Fairy Tail and apologize for you idiocy." he stated, dragging me out of the guild. "Let me go!! Rogue I'm not joking around!"

"Me neither Sting. Now don't come back until you and Fairy Tail have sorted out your misunderstandings." Rogue pushed me out of the guild without saying another word. I tried getting back in but it was locked. The doors. The windows. So I had no other choice. I guess I'm going to Fairy Tail.

× Natsu POV ×

"How's Lucy?" I asked Mira. She came out of the infirmary about 2 hours ago. "She's not that good. But she fell asleep the last time I was in there." she sighed. "Maybe you should check up on her?"

I nodded and was about to go in until I heard Lucy scream. "Lucy!" I shouted, running as fast as I could to the infirmary. When I got in she was crying, her eyes widened in shock. "What's wrong Lucy!?" Mirajane ran to her side. "I can't feel it ..... Mira, I can't feel it! Why can't I feel it?" Lucy panicked.

"Feel what? What's wrong Lucy?" I ran to her side as well. She started crying even more, then she looked at me and said between sobs. "Why can't I feel my baby anymore?"

"Wh -" I gasped, looking at Lucy with widened eyes. "Lucy. It's okay. I'm sure it's okay. Lets just see." Mira comforted Lucy. "Noo! This isn't going to be okay! I can't feel my baby! Help me Mira!" she sobbed.

"Natsu would you please step outside?"

I did as Mira asked and went out of the infirmary room feeling anxious. Is the baby okay? Is Lucy okay? The guild looked at me, waiting for answers. "So what happened to Lucy?" Erza asked. I was afraid to say it but I did. "She can't feel the baby anymore ......"

The guild was filled with shock and gasps. "You don't think the baby -" Gray was cut off by the guild doors opening. Yet again, the guild was in shock at the person standing in our guild. Seeing him, my hands instantly ignited with flames. "Sting ......" I growled.

"I'm gonna finished what I started." I ran up to him -- "Fire Dragon, Iron Fist!" that hit landed right in the middle of his face. "Fire Dragon -- Natsu!" Erza shouted, making her way up to me and pulling my ear. "Knock it off!"

"Itaiiiiii." I groaned. When she released me Sting was back on his feet and so I noticed how much damage he took. Then I realized. He didn't even try to fight back. "Why didn't you protect yourself?" I questioned.

"Because, I deserved that. I just wanted to come and apologize for my actions." he frowned. All of a sudden Lucy screamed again causing me to instantly turn. "Was that Lucy? Is she okay?" Sting was about to run towards the infirmary until I stopped him. "You're not welcome here. We don't want your apologies."

"To hell with the apology! Now get out of my way Salamander!" he punched me in the jaw and ran into the infirmary. Dodging both Gray and Gajeel.

× Sting POV ×

"Lucy!!" I shouted, running into the infirmary. There, she was sitting in the bed, her face drenched in tears. When she saw me she didn't even bother. "Sting? Where did you come from? Now is not a good time!" Mirajane shouted. I ignored her and walked up to Lucy. "Tell me, what's wrong. I'll help you."

She looked at me and cried harder. It took her seconds to answer until she finally said, "My baby ....... it's dead." she sobbed. At that moment, I couldn't. I looked at her in disbelief, I just couldn't believe anything. "It really was your baby Sting ......."

Then my heart instantly broke.

I was about to grab her hand until Natsu and Gray came running in and pulling me back. "LET ME GO YOU SCUMBAGS! LUCY!! THATS MY BABY!! DO YOU HEAR ME? MY BABY!! IM THE FATHER!! RELEASE ME NOW!!" I twisted and squirmed but I was already out of the infirmary by then.

Tears overtook my face as I kept trying to get back to Lucy. It really was my baby. But now, my baby's dead. Lucy's hurting more than ever. "LET ME GO! THATS MY BABY!!" I shouted / cried. Natsu looked at me and gave a small nod and hugged me. I squeezed him tightly and bit my lip, concealing my sobs but not my tears. "......that was my baby....." I cried.

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