Chapter 36

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Ohhh how much I love making cliffhangers for you guys.


× Lucy POV ×

"Go out. Leave Sting!" tears dripped down my face as I grabbed his things and threw it out the window, one by one. "Lucy! Cut this out! I told her no! Please -- Lucy!" Sting tried to stop me but I pushed passed him. "No Sting. You didn't say no! You said that you'll think about it! Why would you say that? Did you loose your brain while banging her!?"

Over and over, Sting tried to calm me down but I wasn't even close to being calm. After everything of his was thrown out, I grabbed his arm and threw him out my door. "Never come back Sting. And this time I mean it."

× Sting POV ×

I sat outside of her apartment, listening to her crying from her room. Yukino, she ruined my life!! After about an hour just waiting outside for her, I left. Not sure where I was going to but Lucy just needs some time.

Hours of walking and walking I stumbled across a bar. Just one drink. As I walked in people were getting throwed across the room, yelling and arguing and of course drinking. Like I said, just one drink. While I walked in, some people started to whisper to one another as I made my way to an empty seat. The rest of the night it wasn't just one drink it was drink after drink after drink. I got to the point where all I wanted to do is sleep and never wake up. But my hands started to curl into fists as memories of today flashed in my mind.

"Sting, I wanted to uhm -- ask you something ......" Yukino started playing with her fingers and looking back at forth from me to her hands. "Look Yukino, Lucy isn't in the best state right now."

"Yo! What do you think you're doing sitting in my chair?" I turned my head and saw a tall man with 2 other men at his side.  Loudly, I laughed in his face, "I don't see no name. No name? No seat." then started chugging down my booze.

"I'll give you to the count of 3 to get off my seat! You don't know who you're messing with right now! I'm a -- a -- Fairy Tail wizard!" he announced, catching 'ooh!' from all around the room. By this it angered me. C'mon, I might be drunk but this poser ain't no Fairy Tail wizard. "That's right folks! I'm a mage of the #1 guild in all of Fiore! So get off my seat before things get messy!"

Again, I laughed in his face before sipping more booze from my mug. Everyone was stunned by my actions and was watching closely. "Oh you've  done it now!" the man yanked me off the chair and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt, holding me up. "I'll show you!" he gave a hard and husky laugh.

"Buddy, you should put me down." I warned. He smirked at me, "Or wha -" before he could finish his sentence I lit my foot with light and kicked him right in the gut, causing him to drop me. Before things actually got messy I took a huge gulp of booze.

I was going to walk away from Yukino until she yelled, "Wait!" This obviously caught my attention. Her head was practically a tomato. "I -- I love you Sting!"

(Vine: Oh hell nooooaooooo)

He got up and glared deeply at me. "Do I have to repeat myself? I'm a Fairy Tail wizard!" I got into a fighting stance but I stumbled and swayed a bit. "Liar." Everyone gasped which made him clench his jaw. "What are you going to do, hm?! You vs. Me, a powerful and almighty wizard!"

My eyes widened in shock. "After that night we had sex, I felt the urge to be with you. I really love you Sting!" But all I did was laugh, thinking it was a joke. But I saw how serious she was and knew it wasn't.

"Do you know who I am?" I growled. He blinked at me and shook his head. So I threw my jacket off, showing off my insignia. "...... no way." he gasped in fear. "I'm Sting Eucliffe! The master of Saber tooth!" Suddenly, he started to shiver in place. "W - we can just ignore this happened can't we? I mean - their are other bars in Magnolia."

"Sorry, what?" Yukino nodded so I laughed again. "You love me? You love me? Now tell me Yukino - you found this out after, we had meaningless sex?" She seemed hurt by my choice of words but nodded anyways.

"We could've ignored this. But you dirtied the Fairy Tail name! My girlfriend, Lucy Heartfilia the celestial wizard, is apart of that guild and that's the only thing she has in her life right now. She loves them more than anything. So I'm not going to listen to some low life poser claiming to be apart of their guild!" I threw myself at him, landing a hit right on his face.

"Please Sting. Tell me you feel the same way!" she started to tear. "No Yukino. I don't. I love Lucy and that's that." Tears were about to gush out of her eyes but she shut them and pointed at Lucy's apartment. "You marked her while you were drunk and fell in love with her in a heartbeat! But you chose to have sex with me while sober and did'nt feel a thing! How?"

Over and over, I punched him in his face. I broke his nose about 7 punches ago. Yet, everyone just watched. He was in the verge of dying, blood covered my hands, cuts and bruises on my knuckles. But surprisingly, he was actually a wizard. He was a good fighter, but not enough. "Hey! That's enough!" someone finally stepped in and pried me off him. He blacked out. Whoops.

"Yukino. I care about you. But as a nakama. It was just a mistake having sex with you." She was so hurt by this but bit her lip. "Will you marry me Sting!?"

About 3 guys came and threw me out of the bar and into the dirt. "Get help buddy!" one shouted. I looked down and saw my clothes torn with blood on them. Some spots of blood were his and some were mine. I tried to stand up but my body was to worn out to get up.

"No."plainly I said to her. She had mixed emotions for a second until she stomped her foot and threw her hands in the air. "How can you say that!? You are so heartless!!" I couldn't help but feel bad. "Fine ...... I'll think about it.That's it." But she wasn't satisfied with this. "Yukino, just leave." I pointed in the direction of the train station and she ran away crying.

× Lucy POV ×

Why am I always crying nowadays? Bad things always happen to me. Why? I've done nothing to deserve my boyfriend cheating on me. I've done nothing to deserve having a miscarriage. I've done nothing to deserve any of this. I'm not saying I'm perfect or anything but, no one deserves any of this.

I sat in my bathtub in warm water. Washing and cleaning myself up. I thought of Sting and how stupid he could be. "Idiot."

× Sting POV ×

My eyes were closed, laying on the ground ..... somewhere. After all that thinking I realized how stupid I am. A little to stupid.

Suddenly I heard a gasp. But I was to hung over to even attempt to open my eyes.  "Sting!" I felt one hand slap my face a bit. "Sting! Sting! Oh man, c'mon get up!" Then, this person put my arm around their neck and carried me. About a minute after I passed out.

× Lucy POV ×

The next morning I got up feeling better, not excited for the rest of the day, but better. I lost track on how long I was away from Fairy Tail, so I decided to pay a trip to the guild today. Little by little, I slowly walked there trying to enjoy the scenery.

When I stood in front of the doors of Fairy Tail I grabbed the handle and hesitated. But out of nowhere the door opened and I fell onto someone. "Eh? ..... Luce! I was gonna go and look for you!" he pulled me further into the guild rapidly. "What's wrong Natsu?"

He stopped walking and looked at me. "It's Sting." My heart started beating fast and faster. "What's wrong?" Natsu pulled me into the infirmary. There, I saw Sting in a lot of bandages, they were around his head, around his chest, his leg, his feet, his hands and arms. "Oh my god!" I screamed, running to his side. "What the hell happened?!"


Wellllllll........ That was a good chapter don't ya think? :) I especially liked that reference to episode 1.

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