Chapter 44

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2 Years Later


- Lucy -

"LUCY! WHERES LAYLAS PACIFIER?!" Sting shouted over the loud screaming from the baby. "Uh, I don't know. I think it's in her crib somewhere. Sting, could you pass me that chicken leg?" I pointed over at the plate sitting on the dresser. "I CAN'T RIGHT NOW LUCY. HER CRYING IS KILLING ME RIGHT NOW! I NEED TO FIND THE PACIFIER!" He frantically looked everywhere.

I groaned and stuck my hand underneath me and grabbed the pacifier. "I was sitting on it." He bit his lip and pinched the bridge of his nose and huffed out in annoyance, "Lucy. I have been looking for that for 2 hours and you were sitting on it? How long have you known it was there?"

I pushed myself off the couch and breathed in and out, walking steadily over to the dresser to grab the chicken leg myself. "2 hours." I sighed, finally being able to eat something. "Ughhh!" Sting grumbled, washing the pacifier and placing it in Laylas mouth. "There you go. Finally, you were giving daddy a headache." He grinned, cradling her in his arms. She's almost 1 years old and yet he's still treating her like she's a newborn.

I couldn't help but smile though. It's been about -- 2 years since me and Sting got married. And, a couple months after that I got pregnant with Layla and, it was a successful pregnancy. But just a few months ago I found out I was pregnant, again. I rubbed my tummy and walked over to my wardrobe, gathering some clothes together.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Sting questioned. "I'm going to the guild. I want to see everyone."

"You want to see everyone? Or you want Mirajane to make you some real food since all we have here is fruits. Which is what you should be eating." He advised me but I just shrugged him off and undressed in the open. As I slid into some comfortable clothes I looked down at my stomach and noticed how fat I was getting already.

"I don't wanna go..." Sting murmured, humming and playing with Layla. I rolled my eyes and tied my hair up. "Suck it up. I'm starving."

"But every time we go to the guild Erza and Levy always hog Layla! I want some daddy and daughter time with my precious angel!" He wailed like a child. "Sting, do you hear yourself? Stop acting like a kid, now help me put on my shoes, I can't bend over." So he just reluctantly sighed and put Layla down before coming to help me. "Do we really have to go?" He asked once more. "Yes, Sting. Now hurry up."


On our way to the guild Layla wouldn't stop crying for some reason and when she constantly cries, that's when Sting loses it. "Why won't she stop..." He groaned out, trying to ease himself a little. "I don't know. Come Layla. Come to mommy." I said sticking my arms out, motioning her for me to carry her. Without any hesitation she jumped into my arms with a giggle and the train of cries and screams were gone. But Sting was definitely more annoyed, "After everything I've done for you Layla...."

I jut rolled my eyes at him and started giving Layla kisses all over her face making her scream in delight. But while all this was happening, Sting couldn't help but grunt every 30 seconds.

When we finally got to the guild I gave Layla back to Sting and this time she didn't cry, which made him happy. "Hi everyone!" I greeted and they all waved and shot smiles back. But I looked over to Sting and saw him trying to hide in the back corner with the other guys with Layla, trying to hog her to himself. But knowing Erza, his time with Layla won't last that long. "Lucy Heartfilia!" Erza called out from the bar. "Hai!" I beamed a smile, slowly making my way over. "Long time no see everyone." I winked.

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