Chapter 16: That was Close

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I am so sorry for the very very long wait! But I'm updating most of my stories because I am going to be back on wattpad!

Lucy POV

I laid in my bed with this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like, I had this feeling with butterflies in my stomach but also.... I felt some kind of betrayal. Sting went out to get some dinner for me and him and I am grateful but, I feel like its wrong. No. It is wrong.

I kept rolling around in my bed, over and over again. I tossed and turned, whipping the covers and blankets off the bed and all over my room. Soon, I fell off the bed causing me to groan in pain. "Ughhh...."

Their was a light knocking on the door but Sting just opened it like he owned the house. -__-

He was grinning crazily but when he saw me groaning a lot he snorted. "Don't get crazy on me, I got the food."

"Ha ha ha, I wasn't mad because your slow as hell just to get food." I stuck my tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes before coming over by me and sitting down. Close. He grabbed my hand lightly.

"About earlier..." he started off. I sighed as he continued. "Are we.... are we-"

I stopped him before he could finish. "Im sorry Sting, their can't be a we. Not now. Not for awhile."

His grip on my hand grew tighter. "And why not? I like you! You like me!"

"OWW! Sting! Your hurting my hand!" I screamed while trying to pry off his hand. Quickly, he released his hand and slumped forward. "I'm sorry..."

My hand was blazing red. "Sting, maybe you should go home." He sniffled a little but spoke. "Please, let me stay. I can't sleep without you by my side."

I searched his eyes and all I could see was hurt. Sighing, I nodded and he returned to his hyper self. "THANK YOU! I'm going to take a shower." he took off his shirt and threw it on the ground and was about to take his pants off to before I yelped.

He chuckled. "You'll see the heaven soon, blondie" he teased before going into the bathroom.

My heart was beating really fast. "Lucy, what's wrong with you?" I asked myself and stood up. But I jumped when their was a knock at the window.

Please god, please be a rapist and not Natsu. Pleaseeeeeeee. Not now.

I turned my head and saw Natsu grinning at me through the window.


I simply just smiled at him and crept towards the window. When I opened the window slightly he had a weird look.

"Let me in." he commanded. "Uh...No." I said.

"And why not?" He frowned. I tried to think of a quick and reasonable excuse. "Because.... I feel sick! Yeah, cough cough." I kept fake coughing.

Natsu just snorted in response. "Yeah, okay, you said you want to be a novelist/ writer not an actor. Take a step back Luce." He jumped into my room and his eyes darted to the bathroom.

"Who's in the shower?" He asked. I started to sweat like crazy, "O-Oh.... I was of course! Who else w-would it be?" I chuckled at the end.

"Then why didn't you turn the shower off?" he cocked an eyebrow up as he headed towards the bathroom. I quickly ran to the bathroom door and blocked his path.

"Don't go in there!" I yelled.

"And why not?" he became more serious then when he first arrived.

"Because......... My panties are everywhere!" I yelled. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid Lucy.

"Well that's a better reason for me to go in there." He tried to push pass me but I wouldn't budge.

"Lucy. Who is in that bathroom?" he took a hold of my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes.

"I'm sorry Natsu...." I whispered. He pushed passed me forcefully and opened the door to the bathroom.

Natsu POV

When I opened the door the shower was running and everything seemed fine. But my gut was telling me that something was off.

I walked up to the shower curtain and opened it.

Lucy POV

I was shocked. The shower was empty.

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