Chapter 25: Truth Revealed

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Lucy POV

I stared at the box, sitting on my bathroom floor. "And..... I don't get why I'm doing this." I whispered opening it.

Levy POV

"I want to be an aunty!" me and Erza cheered in unison. We heard a groan come from Sting. He sat up and rubbed his eyes then looked at us in curiosity. "Yo, where's Blondie? And what are you guys doing here?" he asked.

"I should ask the same thing." Erza said. He scratched the back of his head. "Well I am Lucy's mate." he said.

"Well we are Lucy's guildmates and not to mention family. Your move." Erza said. He shook his head. "Nice one." I giggled.

"But really where is she?" he asked. Me and Erza looked at each other and gulped.

Lucy POV

I stared at the test waiting for the result to show up. "Please.....please.....please..." I kept praying I wasn't pregnant. It would be a miracle to be pregnant, really. My emotions are just so messed up that I don't want a baby but at the same time I do. Either way the results are, I'd be sad.

Few minutes passed and the result finally showed.

"" I threw the pregnancy test at the wall, I threw everything around.

Sting POV

I was waiting for her to come out the bathroom. Erza and Levy were sitting on her couch talking about crap I don't care about.

Inside the bathroom I heard glass break so I jumped out of the bed. "Lucy!" I yelled, trying to open the door but it was locked. "Don't worry Lu-Chan! We are coming!" Levy shouted. "Move back." I said. Soon, I rammed the door down and ran to Lucy who was crying on the floor.

I saw blood on her hand along with a cut but when I tried to grab it she pulled it away. "I want Levy and Erza. I don't want you. I don't want you to help me." she cried. From that I felt pained, she didn't want me. Slowly, I moved away from her and let Erza and Levy take care of it. "Sting can you please get out?" Levy asked nicely. I looked at her shocked. "Please." she said.

I left without saying another word. Not only did I leave her bathroom but I left her apartment. Who knows when I'll come back.

Few hours later...

Levy POV

"Are you okay now Lu-Chan?" I asked her politely. She nodded her head while she was laying in her bed resting. "Have you seen Sting? I want him to be with me right now." she weakly said.

Lucy explained everything to us, between her and Sting... and Natsu. "Now that I think about it, no. I haven't seen him since the incident." I replied. Erza came out from the bathroom in her maid outfit. "The bathroom is all cleaned up, and.... I found this Lucy." she showed us the pregnancy test. I gasped. "Lucy..." I smiled at her but she wasn't looking. She was looking away with a depressed expression.

"Don't tell me. That's why. You got mad because of this Lucy?" Erza huffed. Lucy stuffed her face in her hands. We stayed as long as we could with Lucy but she soon asked us to leave.

Lucy POV

I grabbed the pregnancy test and stared at it. "How.... How can it be positive?"


The next morning I woke up bright and early, I had to get some stuffs if I'm going to have a kid, which means I'll have to go on a mission. I got ready and before I left I looked at the pregnancy test laying on my desk.

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