Chapter 13: Errands

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"Hey blondie slow down!" Sting yelled while I was dragging him and sprinting to the guild, for some reason

When we arrived we bursted through the doors, causing everyone to stare at us like we were maniacs

"Luce!" I heard Natsu yell, he ran up to me and pulled me into a hug

"N-Natsu!" I squeaked out, I heard a growl from behind, Sting

I pulled back from our hug making Natsu's face dim down and Stings brighten

"Sorry guys I'm just... tired that's all" I mumbled while walking over to Mira behind the counter

"Hey Lucy! The usual?" she asked and I nodded

A few minutes later she came back empty handed and a frown on her face "Mira?"

"Lucy could you go but ingredients and other things apparently we ran out of almost everything!" she said handing me a 10 feet long list

"Wait...WHAT?!" I protested as Mira pushed me out the door

"Here take Sting with you, Ja ne!" Mira pushed Sting outside to before she slammed the doors shut. I grunted "Come on Sting we have an ass load of things to buy"

We walked to the first place the liquor store, I swear you can smell the liquor from miles away. When we walked inside the guy behind the cashier was totally drunk and when he saw me he wiggled his eyebrows

"Well.... we have a beautiful young lady... can I help you?~" he slurred making me feel disgusted

"Can I help you with something,buddy" Sting said cracking his knuckles

"And who are you?" the man slurred with a disappointed face

"I'm with the girl what else?" Sting said walking up to the cashier, obviously annoyed

"Well...thats a disappointment" The man mumbled

"Hey listen here buddy! You got something to say, say it to my face!" Sting grabbed the man by the collar

A tick mark appeared on my head "Hey!Sting!" I scolded making him grunt, he released the drunken man causing him to fall to the floor

"Look we are just here to buy some things not fight" I said to the man

"Here" I handed him the list and he scanned through it

"It's in the back corner" he pointed

I smiled "Thank you" he reached for my hand until Sting grabbed him by the collar again

"Try and even touch her and I'll kick your sorry ass!" Sting yelled at the scared as hell cashier

"!" he apologized before being dropped to the ground once again making me sweatdrop

"Sting let's just get the things" I said and we went to get the things Mira listed. After, we got it and payed we headed out to the next store which was a supermarket

When we got inside we were greeted by a young lady around her 20's. She had long wavy flowing midnight black hair, her eyes were a light brown, and had the body of a model and just by looking at her I knew this girl was going to cause me trouble. We walked closer to her, and her eyes glistened seeing Sting, but when she saw me she shot me a glare. But Sting was just looking around so he didn't see her.

"How may I help you?" She asked Sting but Sting clearly wasn't paying attention to the girl which ticked her off

She scoffed "I said how may I help you?" she said more sternly causing Sting to glance her way

"Huh?And who are you?" Sting said folding his arms behind his head and giving her a bored face

"I'm Arie the cashier of this store" she grinned at the bored af Sting

"Well Alie were you talking to me?" he asked

"It's Arie! And yes I was I asked what can I help you with?" she asked totally pissed but kept her cool

"Hey Lucy what's on the list?" Sting asked grinning at me earning me another glare. I looked down at the list and we needed fruits and vegetables

"Fruits and vegetables" I said looking up from the list

"Yeah what she said" Sting said leaning against the counter

"But... could I help you with something...else?" Arie smirked at Sting

Sting looked at her as if she just killed someone "What?"

"You know....naughty stuff" she smirked while she placed her hand on his shoulder

My eyebrows were twitching, for some reason I just wanted to murder this girl with my own hands.

The flirting continued but Sting looked like he was on the verge on exploding, I couldn't take it

"Would you just shut the hell up! If you can't see, he doesn't like you, so back the f*ck off!" I yelled at her and her eyes narrowed at me

"And who said he doesn't like me? Why is he with a girl like you anyways? Your ugly, pathetic, and a stupid girl so don't talk to me like that" Arie spat

Sting pounded his fist on the counter "Talk to Lucy like that one more time and we'll see who's pathetic then! You ugly wench!" Sting yelled, I was trying to hold my laughter in and I couldn't help but smirk. My reflexes kicked in so I clung onto Stings arm while giving Arie the evil eye

"We should go somewhere else to buy our things" I told a blushing Sting

"Uh.. yea" he mumbled before we left. As soon as we stepped outside "That girl! I just wanted to rip her head off!" I stomped my feet and trotted away, while hearing Sting follow

"Jealous are we?" I heard him say, I looked at him and was smirking proudly

"W-What! What about you huh? You were gonna kick that guys ass!" I retorted

"Y-Yeah!... Well you wanted to kick that girls ass to!" We started going all out on each other

We came face to face, his nose brushed against mine, our breaths brushing against each other's skin, I looked into his eyes totally shocked to even move

To be continued....


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