Chapter 55

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Dongwook spoke up. “Father, you mustn’t let your heart soften. Looking at the circumstances, it seems like jaewon and minji have always known who their birth parents are. This means that even after soyeon married my brother, she has been in contact with Jun. This cannot be tolerated.”

Taehyung also chimed in. “Grandfather, jungkook has caught the capable right hand man of Dark Moon’s head, alice. According to the man, jun has been acting as alice's gigolo during this time. He was the one who fooled alice into believing that jungkook chopped off two of his fingers. Alice was lured into wanting to take revenge on his behalf. That is why she secretly attempted to kill jungkook several times.”

When Elder Jeon heard this, he glanced towards jun and discovered that the man’s left hand was missing two fingers. He asked jungkook. “Did you take his fingers That doesn’t matter.” jungkook shook his head

“You even framed my grandson.” Elder Jeon's heart instantly hardened once more. These bastards had nearly caused him to lose his only grandson. If jungkook had failed to return..

There was no way he would be able to accept such a blow.

Jinyeong sighed. He instantly seemed to appear much old and much more exhausted. He waved his hand. “jungkook, deal with them as you please.

There’s no need to give Grandfather any face.”

Jungkook nodded. “Take them away. Hand jun, soyeon and jaewon over to alice. Give her the DNA results as well.”

The three of them instantly paled.

Jun  has always acted as a gigolo and fooled alice into believing that he was spending his life as an unmarried man for her sake.

Alice, that demon, did not have the ability to conceive. He even lied that he did not wish to have children.

If she found out that they had fooled her thoroughly, considering that woman’s vicious ways..

It was a pity that the Jeon family did not give them any opportunity to protest.

Their lips were sealed with tape and they were immediately dragged away.

Elder Jeon felt that his son, taeri, owed his ex-girlfriend hari too much.

Thus, he sent someone to give hari a sum of money.

At the thought of hari's state, boah felt that if it wasn’t for taehyung, she could have ended up in the same situation.

Thus, boah began to treat taehyung even better.

Three days later, jaewon, soyeon and Jun's bodies were found floating in the ocean.

News that the three of them were involved in a heinous scheme to kill for wealth was exposed. To the outside world, it was made to seem like they had committed suicide out of guilt.

In jail, minji, who was both blind and paralysed, had been holding onto her last living breath in hopes that her relatives would kill taehyung.

However, taehyung continued to live on well. Frightened by the horrible news, she tied her clothes onto the pipe in the restroom that night and killed herself by hanging

Alice was grateful to jungkook for exposing the truth to her. She guaranteed that she would never pursue jungkook again, nor did she wish to be pursued by jungkook's men. Thus, she decided to stand on jungkook's side and became his subordinate.

Elder Jeon was never that close to soyeon and her children Although he was upset for some time, he slowly processed it and left the hurt behind.

Soon, a year had passed. Taehyung and jungkook continued to spend their sweet, blissful days in Jeon Villa. Their love was as strong as when their relationship first began. Every so often, they would return to the Jeon family’s mansion to accompany Elder Jeon.

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