Chapter 2

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‘Embroidering V’ Project had been delayed for more than a year. Finally, they could begin construction. Initially, they were supposed to kick off the project right after purchasing the land.

Unfortunately, at the time, he had spent all his funds on the land.

After obtaining the land, he used it to draw several million dollars of loan from the bank. Although he could have then spent the money on construction, he decided to use it for his fashion company, as well as other investments.

Thus, he did not have any money left for this project.

It was delayed till this moment. Thankfully, his fashion company was now making profits and he had repaid all his debts to the bank. He now had the funds to proceed with this project.

After taking the longer path, he no longer had any more debts. Instead, he had billions of funds available for his use.

A young man stepped into the Jeon Villa’s living room.

Taehyung closed his laptop from where he sat on the couch. He looked up to see that it was actually eunwoo.

He was dressed casually and wore a playful smile on his face. He appeared just like the model appearance of a rebellious young master.

“Why are you here?” A hint of confusion flashed past taehyung's eyes.

“Everyone says that it’s an honor to freely enter the Jeon Villa.” eunwoo responded casually. “I’m sure you didn’t expect me to do so.”

He was supposed to be surprised by this. However, through his memories from his past life, taehyung had come to know of eunwoo's unique identity. He had simply remained silent on this matter all this while.

Since he had made his way here, there was no need for him to conceal this any longer. “What’s there to be surprised about? Aren’t you Elder Jeon's god-grandson? However, it seems that jungkook's parents did not recognise you as their god-son. You say, if jungkook's grandfather has taken you to be his god-grandson, should you address jungkook as ‘Brother’?”

If this guy used Elder Jeon's name to enter the Jeon Villa, no one would dare to stop him.

Eunwoo's smile faded. “Did jungkook tell you about this?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?”

“In that case, the people from the Jeon home must have told you. This matter has never been truly settled. There are very few people who know of this. Did you bribe the helpers from the Jeon family?” eunwoo decided not to focus on this matter. “Nevermind! Taehyung, have you seen the news today?”

His gaze was fixated on him.

He had been waiting for him in school everyday. However, ever since the third year of their studies, he barely attended class.

He finally could not tolerate it anymore and decided to seek him out on his own.

Eunwoo took in his fair and soft skin as well as his stunning beauty. He realised the more he watched him, the more he was charmed.

He frowned. “Are you referring to Jeon minji, the Jeon family’s adopted daughter, who became the Kang family’s successor?”

“Do you know what this means?” eunwoo averted his gaze as his expression turned serious.

Taehyung waved his hand and appeared not to care. “Is this related to me?”

“taehyung…” He suddenly approached him with a hint of infatuation in his gaze.

He began earnestly. “It’s been more than a year. I’ve been waiting for you! You can’t remain in the Jeon family. Listen to me and leave jungkook!”

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