Chapter 13

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That night, in the Jeon family’s old mansion, only Grandfather jeon, soyeon, jaewon and minji were present for dinner.

Jungkook was busy with work and was working overtime at the office. He did not intend to return for dinner.

Minji took in the table of sumptuous dishes. She was starving to the point where her stomach was nearly caving in. However, she did not dare to move her chopsticks before the Jeon family’s elder gave his word.

“Grandfather, can we eat now?” jaewon was also hungry.

“tae didn’t say that she won’t be home for dinner. Let’s wait for a while longer,” jinyeong instructed sternly.

It seemed like taehyung was rather important to this old man. That was also a good thing. Jaewon narrowed his eyes. “taehyung will soon become a member of our family. It’s true that we should wait for him.”

Minji was extremely angered by the old man’s unfair treatment.

She had been in the jeon family for a long time, but never received his favour.

In comparison, an outsider was being doted on even before he properly entered the family.

What she did not know was that it was the ambition that her family had failed to hide that actually provoked the Jeon family’s ire. If it wasn’t for the late taeri, their family of three would already have lost their positions.

Five minutes later, taehyung stepped into the villa. He greeted jinyeong with a smile. “Grandfather.”

“Good. Come over and sit.” jinyeong pointed at the seat he had deliberately left open for him.

“Mr. Kim sure is easily liked. Our entire family has been waiting for you.” minji smiled sweetly.

Taehyung glanced indifferently at her. “minji, your words are interesting. If you wish to mock me for putting on airs and making you guys wait, you can speak directly. You must be the only person who tries so hard to mock people imperceptibly. Besides, I didn’t even ask your family of three to wait.”

He then tugged on jinyeong's arm sweetly. “I’m only a family with you, Grandfather.”

Minji's body was covered in goosebumps from his act.

However, jinyeong thoroughly enjoyed taehyung's behaviour.

He rubbed his beard happily. “Yes, yes. Tae, you must be hungry. Dig in.”

Minji also wished she could act spoiled in front of jinyeong. She wasn’t sure why, but despite having lived in the Jeon family with her mother and elder brother for more than two years, this damned old man was not the slightest bit close to them.

Was it really because they did not share the Jeon family’s bloodline?

After their meal, minji immediately attacked taehyung. “Grandfather, did you know? Mr. Kim spent eight hundred thousand dollars to purchase a haunted apartment located in xx District. Quite a lot of people have died in that apartment…”

She then explained the history of the apartment before saying, “I never expected Mr. Kim to use the red packets he had received from the elders to purchase a haunted apartment.”

Jinyeong raised his eyebrows at her words. He turned towards taehyung. “Little boy, you really bought a haunted apartment?”

Taehyung was rather moved by the way Grandfather Jeon affectionately addressed him as ‘Little boy’. “En.”

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