Chapter 17

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After Mother eunji's body was found, the Kim Villa had been sealed for a while. However, after the crime was resolved, it was reopened.

Although yoongi and taehyung both did not live there, there were helpers who frequently visited the Kim Villa to manage and clean the place.

There was even a bodyguard by the surname of ‘seo’ guarding the entrance.

He drove quickly to the Kim family’s villa, parking the car in front of the villa’s gates. He lowered his window and pressed the car horn.

The bodyguard recognised him and opened the villa gates.

“Sir seo, may I know if yoongi is home?” jimin shouted towards the bodyguard.

He nodded.

Jimin stepped on the accelerator and drove his car to come to a stop before the Kim family’s building. As expected, yoongi's car was parked there.

After parking his car, he ran into the Kim home underneath the rain. Thankfully, he was able to dash in quickly and did not get drenched.

The villa door was slightly ajar and it was completely dark inside. He could barely see his own outstretched fingers.

Jimin recalled that eunji's body had been buried beneath a certain storeroom in this building…

The body had been buried for nearly eight years before it was finally discovered.

He immediately trembled in fear.

he found himself paralysed standing before the door.

It was raining heavily and the wind was really cold that night. The thunder was also especially loud.

Just by standing before the entrance, he felt himself trembling.

However, at the thought that yoongi was inside…

He mustered his courage and pushed the door open to enter.

Hu… hu…

The cold wind came in furiously through the entrance and left his skin covered in goosebumps.

The lights… where was the light switch? He had visited this place in the past but had never noticed where the switches were located.

It should be next to the door, shouldn’t it?

He reached out to feel against the wall but failed to locate it.

Ring, ring, ring… Ring, ring, ring!

His phone suddenly rang. With the stormy rain and the dark room, the noise was especially startling.

Jimin jumped in fright. he lowered his head to see that he had received a call. He answered with a tremble. “Hello… who is this?”

There wasn’t any noise from the other end. He could barely make out the noise of someone breathing.

His scalp prickled uncomfortably and he immediately ended the call. He then turned on the torch light on his phone.

The ray of light lit up the enormous villa living room. However, it caused the dark corners to appear especially frightening.

He rushed to press his palms together. “Auntie Kim, please relax. I am tae's good friend and yoongi's future wife. I am your future son-in-law. You have to take care of me.”

Right after he spoke, the villa lights turned on.

“Ah!” jimin was especially afraid of ghosts. He immediately shrieked in fright.

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