Chapter 12

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“That excuse of yours will only fool ghosts.” taehyung smiled indifferently.

All of a sudden, he said creepily, “jaewon, minji, a house like this attracts unwanted spirits. If you have inappropriate thoughts in such a place, it’s very likely that you’ll be possessed by one of them, or you’ll suffer three years of misfortune. Who knows, something dirty may already be clinging onto you.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” minji jerked back in fright. She immediately glared at haein, who had just returned after attending a phone call. “What’s wrong with you? You knew that this is a haunted house and a murder took place here. Why did you still bring us to this apartment?”

“Mr. Kim knew this beforehand and still requested to view this apartment.” haein rushed to respond.

Minji was in disbelief. “taehyung, you’ve just picked up… you just received eighteen million dollars from the Jeon family’s elders. You’re also a relatively famous fashion designer. You can’t possibly be poor to the point where you have to buy a haunted house, are you? Could it be that you’re planning to pretend to be poor to take more money from the Jeon family?”

“You must be mentally impaired.” taehyung smiled coldly.

“You speak as if you haven’t received a single cent from the Jeon family. The Jeon family has been trying to chase your family away with a sum of money for quite some time. Why do you refuse to leave? From what I know, from the day you, soyeon and jaewon entered the Jeon family, you’ve been receiving up to twenty thousand dollars of pocket money every month. Every holiday, you take money for clothes from them. Not to mention, there are the red packets which you receive during the New Year. I heard that the Jeon family also replaces your cars every five years. You’ve been taking advantage of the Jeon family and using your relationship with them to obtain benefits from outsiders. The Jeon family have been requesting for you guys to leave the  home and cut off all relations with them, yet the three of you have stubbornly clung onto them in refusal, in hopes of having another day of free lunch. What gives you the right to criticise me?”

Minji's complexion turned extremely poor. “How do you know all of this so well?” Her cousin, jungkook, was unlikely to speak about these things.

That was because the money they were receiving was not from jungkook, but came from the Jeon family’s business.

Taehyung spent ten years as jungkook's wife and had slowly learnt about this in the Jeon family’s mansion.

The helpers would gossip among themselves every so often. Minji and her family also had the habit of coming by once in a while to take something from the Jeon family’s storeroom. Thus, he slowly understood the full picture.

“I’ve been engaged to jungkook since we were young. Isn’t it normal for me to know these things?” taehyung gave her a suitable answer and glanced at her in disdain. “It’s normal for jungkook to want to give me money, and more so, for the Jeon family’s elders to give me red packets the first time they met me. Compared to you, the Jeon family’s leeches, I’m much better!”

“Who are you calling leeches?” minji nearly lost control over her tone.

This taehyung was especially skilled in making people unhappy.

“I’m calling you.” taehyung smiled coldly as he returned the term ‘leech’, which he had received from minji in his last life, back to her.

Minji was angered to the point where her expression changed drastically. Jaewon raised his voice at that time. “Enough, Sister! We’re all a family here. Why are you arguing with taehyung?”

“Brother, why are you on his side?” minji was taken aback.

Jaewon's expression was also poor after being called a ‘leech’. Furthermore, there were outsiders, sehun and haein, witnessing this.

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