Chapter 46

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Those bright eyes of him as well as the way he had casually licked his lips; it was clear that he was openly seducing jungkook.

Taehyung, who had been watching silently by the side, smiled. “Mr. Taesung, please take care not to act like a whore without first checking if the circumstances are suitable.”

Taesung restrained himself and turned to taehyung apologetically. “My apologies! CEO Jeon is truly too outstanding. I couldn’t control my feelings.”

“Is that so?” taehyung glanced at his backpack. “How did you find all that food? When you first came in, did you only opt for food?”

“No.” taesung responded. “I didn’t sign up voluntarily. I was tossed in here. I didn’t have any weapons or food. For the sake of survival, I had no choice but to loot the corpses I found along the way. I picked this bag up earlier and it was precisely because of that reason, this man pursued me earlier. Thankfully, CEO Jeon saved me.”

No matter what they talked about, it seemed like taesung was only interested in jungkook.

“Leave the bag behind. You can scram now,” jungkook said.

Taesung turned pale. “CEO Jeon, if I leave this place alone, I’ll die.”

“You were able to survive by yourself for ten days. I believe it won’t be difficult for you to continue doing so.” jungkook narrowed his eyes. The atmosphere instantly turned cold. “Don’t make me repeat myself, otherwise…”

His gaze were filled with murderous intent.

taesung considered if he would really kill him?

When he reached for the gun in his pocket, he immediately backed away. “Don’t fire. I’ll leave right now!”

He headed towards the apartment by the side.

The moment he turned around, his beautiful features twisted with anger.

He had failed to succeed at his goal and even had to sacrifice the food he obtained with much difficulty!

However, he would not give up like this!

With a corpse outside the factory, their current location was too eye-catching.

Jungkook quickly checked taesung's backpack and confirmed that it wasn’t tampered with. He then put the backpack on.

He left the office with taehyung. They carefully avoided other ‘players’ while checking if david left any other markings behind.

A figure followed behind them quietly.

Taehyung turned back and saw the pitiful expression which taesung had on.

Jungkook paused in his footsteps. He did not turn around but fired a bullet in his direction.

Thankfully, taesung moved away quickly. The bullet flew past his shoulder and only tore open his clothes. It did not leave him with any injuries. 

His expression was filled with disbelief. It was clear he was unwilling to believe that jungkook would try to kill him. Was he really such a ruthless man!

Still, he did not dare to follow them anymore.

With jungkook's intelligence, it was easy for him to realize that this man was dangerous.

He was clearly withholding the truth from them.

Taking him with them was akin to carrying a time bomb.

All of a sudden, taesung shouted in agitation. “CEO Jeon, on the rooftop!”

They looked up to see a sniper hiding in ambush on the rooftop. He was about to direct his gun at them.

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