Chapter 38

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The two of them drifted for six days and had now moved a great distance from where they had first landed. The ocean was wide and boundless. Locating them was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. Their chance of survival was far too small.

In other words, it was realistically unlikely for anyone to rescue them.

Although they had eaten some food, they were both extremely thirsty and were barely alive!

Jungkook also felt very helpless. He spoke up hoarsely. “tae…”

His voice could barely be heard.

“En?” Likewise, he could only respond weakly.

He touched his lip. “Drink some of my blood… bite me.”

Speaking a few words had already exhausted nearly all his energy.

He leaned against his shoulder and lifted his head with some difficulty. His lips were dry and cracked. “I would rather die.”

He closed his eyes helplessly. “I can’t bear for you to die. But I’m sure I would be very happy if I died with you…”

Soon, he could not speak any further.

Several hours later, both of them were thoroughly dehydrated.

Jungkook watched as taehyung's eyes closed. “tae, you can’t sleep…”

If he slept now, he would never wake again!

“jungkook, I can’t hold on any longer…” he was nearly on his last breath.

Although he was his husband, at times, he preferred addressing him by his name.

This was because he was the one and only jungkook.

In the past six days, his injuries had recovered significantly. However, as they barely ate or drank, his willpower was also depleting.

It seemed like God intended on starving them to death just like this.

All of a sudden, taehyung noticed something soaring across the sky. He seemed to have found hope as he gained the strength to tilt his head backwards. “Is that a plane?”

“No.” jungkook shook his head. His voice was as light as a breath. “It’s a seagull.” His pitiful wife mistook a little bird for a plane. It was likely he was hallucinating.

“So it’s not a plane.” his shoulders drooped.

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something. Je opened the first aid kit and retrieved a few fever reducing pills. He then activated his special powers and sent it flying in the direction of the seagull.

If this had been any other time, he would have successfully taken the bird down.

However, in his weak and dying state, his concentration was much weaker.

Although the pills found their target, the bird only swayed for a moment before continuing on its flight.

“Don’t run away!” he gasped in regret. That was a source of food.

In the next moment, jungkook had tossed a surgical knife out. It accurately hit the seagull’s body.

It fell into the ocean with a splash.

Taehyung did not expect jungkook to be this skilled. He was deeply moved and kissed him on the cheek. “Hubby, you’re amazing!”

Jungkook was somewhat embarrassed by his praise. “Let’s go pick it up.”

The two of them used all their strength to swim towards the floating bird. It was still warm when they picked it up.

They retrieved the surgical knife and immediately took turns to drink the warm seagull’s blood.

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