Chapter 42

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After a few days, as taehyung had paid attention to stay away from the sun, his skin became much fairer.. The rough skin texture due to drifting in the water had also recovered and his skin was once again soft and smooth.

As for jungkook, his fair skin had become especially dark after working day after day.

Taehyung attempted to help him on many occasions but he always made him stop.

It had been more than ten days since the both of them arrived on this island. During this period, they did not see any boats. Even the skies above remained clear, without any planes passing by.

They analyzed the current circumstances and felt that there was no hope in waiting for rescue.

Thankfully, jungkook appeared to have made full recovery from his wounds.

In the past ten days, they had collected a good amount of dried fish and dried sea snake meat. They also had a packet of filtered table salt.

The dew water they collected each day was used for drinking and cooking. Whatever they had left would be used to wipe themselves down.

There wasn’t any extra water to shower with.

It was neary autumn and the temperature contrast between day and night was worsening.

Within two kilometers distance, they could occasionally catch a few wild chickens and pick some wild fruits. There were no other animals within sight.

It was impossible to hunt for animals and use their hide to make clothes.

If they remained on this island, when winter arrived, they would freeze to death without any proper clothing.

This morning, they collected the dew water and had breakfast. Jungkook planned to head deep into the forest to look for other animals. Taehyung could not help but worry and decided to accompany him.

Jungkook was wearing his worn dress shirt and carried a basket on his back. It contained the first aid kit with their water supply.

He held taehyung's hand, leading him deeper into the forest.

Initially, the forest wasn’t especially thick. As they made their way deeper however, they had to push through more and more overgrown bushes and trees. After walking around two kilometers, the thick forest completely covered the azure sky and made it difficult for them to see ahead of themselves.

They both held thick branches in their hands and used them to push the thick bushes aside. They also carved signs onto nearby trees with rocks to help them on their way back.

The further they went, the more poisonous insects and mosquitoes they found.

It seemed like they could not go any further. Otherwise, it would become too dangerous.

Just as they were about to give up on this adventure, they noticed that someone appeared to be laying beneath a large tree ahead.

Taehyung and jungkook did not approach the person. From twenty meters away, they could see that it was not a living person beneath the tree. It was a rotting corpse.

The corpse was turning brown and the person’s face was no longer recognisable. He appeared to be wearing a pair of brown khakis. There was also a basket and a hatchet by his side.

A hint of excitement flashed past taehyung's eyes. “Hubby, could it be that there are other inhabitants on this island?”

“That’s possible.” jungkook narrowed his sharp eyes. “In that case, there’s hope for us.”

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