Chapter 8

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An hour later, Grandfather Jeon instructed the helpers to place a square table in the  garden. A calligraphy brush, ink, as well as empty white scrolls were prepared.

Jaewon accompanied by his side.

“Grandfather, are you planning on writing?” minji approached him with a smile.

“That’s right. Are you feeling better?” Calligraphy was one of jinyeong's greatest hobbies. He lifted the brush and dipped it into the ink before writing on the scroll in smooth, daring strokes.

Minji obediently responded. “I’m feeling much better. Thank you for your concern, Grandfather.”

Jinyeong saw that jungkook and taehyung were standing nearby beneath several trees. He waved at them to come over.

The two of them approached the place.

Jinyeong lifted the scroll he had just written on. “Look at what I just wrote.”

“Your strokes are smooth and daring. This is a really good piece,” taehyung gave a simple but truthful praise.

“Grandfather, I also wish to practice my calligraphy.” For the sake of pleasing this old man, minji had been practising her calligraphy secretly. Right now, she could already manage a good piece of calligraphy work.

“Good, good.” jinyeong nodded.

Minji picked up the brush and narrowed her eyes schemingly. She then wrote four complicated characters that required many strokes. Every stroke she left behind was made suitably and her words appeared very pleasing.

Jaewon rubbed his chin and was completely at a loss as to what his sister had written. “minji, what did you write?”

Soyeon approached from the house and took in the unique words on the scroll. “I don’t recognise these words either.” She turned curiously towards taehyung. “Mr. Kim, you’re well-educated and are a talented student from the famous SNU. I’m sure you must recognise these words.”

The question was suddenly directed towards him. Taehyung realised that this family had schemed together to make things difficult for him and humiliate him. However, things would not go their way this easily.

Jungkook frowned. He did not enjoy calligraphy. “None of you understand these words, why would you ask tae about it?”

“Aren’t these the words ‘Zan Yin Shi Zu’ written in the Qin Script calligraphy style?” taehyung pursed his lips. “It’s not difficult at all. It’s very simple.”

Minji was unhappy. “Mr. Kim, you’re exaggerating too much just because you recognise these words. Qin Script calligraphy is extremely difficult. It took me many years of practice to achieve this level of words.”

Even jinyeong nodded in agreement. “tae, if you’re unable to outperform minji's calligraphy, you’ll have to be more humble.”

“Grandfather!” jungkook's expression was dark. “tae knows how to conduct himself well.”

Taehyung was overjoyed that his husband stood firmly on his side. Jungkook was unaware that he was well-versed with Qin Script calligraphy.

He smiled. “What’s going on with you guys? Who says I’m not being humble? All I said was that Qin calligraphy is simple. Let me demonstrate it for you guys.”

He approached the square table and lifted the brush, dipping it into the ink. He then wrote a whole paragraph of words in Qin Script with ease.

His appearance was stunning and his posture was at ease. His focused expression as he moved the brush was especially charming.

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