Chapter 14

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In JJK empire's CEO’s office, jungkook sat behind a large office table. The fountain pen he held in his hand danced across the documents which he was quickly reading through.

Hoseok knocked on the door and entered. “Boss, a problem has arisen at the old mansion.”

Jungkook lifted his gaze from the documents. His eyes turned slightly cold and he indicated for hoseok to continue speaking.

“All the fishes in the old mansion’s pond died overnight. Elder Jeon has instructed Butler lee to investigate the quality of the water in the pond.”

“They didn’t pin the matter on tae, did they?”

“Not at the moment.” hoseok shook his head.

Jungkook responded coldly. “The Elder can handle a small matter like this himself.” He waved his hand and hoseok immediately left the office.

For the past two days, jungkook had been working overnight in order to complete all of the documents awaiting his approval. This way, he would have the time to go on a honeymoon with taehyung after their wedding.

For the next two days, the two guard dogs the Jeon family was raising barked non-stop and kept everyone awake.

Late at night, Elder Jeon struggled to sleep with the noise. He tugged on a sweater and headed to the dog house.

He saw that taehyung was standing outside the dog house. The two dogs behind the cage barked relentlessly at him.

“tae, what are you doing here?” jinyeong was very surprised to see him.

“Oh, the dogs keep barking.” He responded with a frown. “I came to see what the problem was.”

Minji also came there. She cried out in astonishment. “Mr. Kim, why are the two dogs barking at you?”

“You can eat whatever you want. It’s your own problem if you choke. But you can’t spout nonsense as you please.” taehyung curved his index finger towards minji. “Come here!”

Minji was confused but still approached him.

Taehyung took ten steps away from her and watched as the two dogs barked frantically at minji. “Now, I’m also allowed to say that the dogs are barking at you, aren’t I?”

“…” minji was rendered speechless.

That was fine. A little bit of intelligence wasn’t enough for taehyung to run away from trouble.

There were many more problems waiting for him!

Jinyeong frowned and called for a helper. “We can’t leave these dogs barking incessantly. Call a vet over and inject them with some tranquilizers.”

“Understood.” The helper immediately went to carry out his orders.

The dogs finally fell silent and everyone returned to their own rooms to rest.

The next day, Elder Jeon practiced his calligraphy in the yard as per normal.

Taehyung, minji and soyeon accompanied him.

Butler lee stepped forward to give his report. “Elder, this subordinate has sent a sample of the water in the pond for examination. The results show that there wasn’t any problem with the water quality.”

“You’re sure that there isn’t any problem?” jinyeong placed the brush down and frowned.

“It has been examined once and confirmed that there aren’t any problems.”

“That’s strange.” A hint of confusion flashed past jinyeong's gaze.

All of a sudden, a male helper charged towards Elder Jeon with a dagger in his hands as though he had gone insane. It seemed as if his dagger was about to pierce jinyeong.

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