Chapter 43

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Jungkook frowned and spoke heavily. “My wife, you should rest! Leave it to me!”

He replied with a smile. “It’s alright.”

His expression turned stern. “Listen to me! Or I’ll be angry!”

His gaze grew heated looking at him. It seemed as though he wanted to swallow him whole.

He knew that the consequences would be dire if he was angry. Even when they were on the island, he dished out his punishments regardless of their location.

As the island was uninhabited, their intimate figures could be seen from all over the place.

He noticed his heated gaze and was worried that he would really do as he pleased.

Thus, he sat down obediently and picked up the umbrella next to the basket. He lifted it over his head.

This umbrella was made with bamboo pieces. He had layered the thin bamboo pieces into the shape of an umbrella and arranged dried leaves between the pieces. He had then attached a thick branch to form the handle of the umbrella.

The most primitive form of umbrella was made in this manner.

jungkook had been worried that he would be caught in the rain. He also stressed over the thought that he would be burnt from the sun. Thus, he made this umbrella just for him. It made life much easier.

Beneath the umbrella, he remained cool and comfortable. Jungkook, however, was covered in sweat as he rowed their raft forward.

In fact, ever since they arrived on this island, he only did some chores on the first few days. He spent the rest of the time resting and was well-taken care of by him.

They even had sufficient dew water to drink. They just didn’t have enough for showers.

“Now that I think about it, it hasn’t been all that difficult living on this island with you around.” he sat in the center of the raft and spoke to him while he worked hard.

His gaze was filled with heartache. “You’re the only fool who would think this way.”

Without him, he would already have died in that ocean.

During the ten days they drifted in the ocean, he had been seriously injured and he single-handedly kept him alive.

He felt that he needed to treat him very well.

Thus, once his body made good recovery on the island, he would rather suffer the exhaustion than to make him work in any way.

The sun was blazing hot yet the ocean remained as ferocious as ever.

Taehyung stayed beneath the umbrella and did not feel too hot.

They traveled along the outskirts of the island for nearly four hours before they finally arrived on the other side of the island.

They looked forward and saw that the island was an inverted ‘U’ shape on this side.

On the edge of the island was a natural white beach. Above the shallow waters, there were more than thirty homes built from wood.

The houses were supported by thick pillars that were submerged beneath the waters.

The houses were built at the tip of the naturally ‘U’ shaped island and were best positioned to avoid the powerful waves.

There were average-sized boats tied to every wooden house.

The boats appeared very primitive. They were around two meters wide and four meters long. They also relied on man made oars.

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