Chapter 11

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The siblings did not expect to meet taehyung in one of the showrooms belonging to one of the city centre’s biggest real estate companies.

The real estate agent, haein, was in the midst of introducing the place to taehyung.

There were several exquisite coffee tables and chairs arranged in the lounge. It was specially arranged for clients visiting the place to rest.

Minji and jaewon entered the real estate office together.

The man was handsome while the woman was beautiful. They were both dressed expensively and immediately became the centre of everyone’s attention.

One of the female real estate agents noticed them and rushed to welcome them. “Sir, Miss, are you interested in buying an apartment? I can introduce something suitable to the both of you.”

Jaewon did not pay her any attention. He approached taehyung, who was seated in the lounge. “taehyung, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect to meet you here. This must be fate.”

In the past, taehyung always came up with countless methods to please him and meet him.

He truly did not expect for things to change this drastically. Right now, he was the one struggling to hold onto him.

Taehyung did not even look at him. His attention was focused on the photos of the apartments in haein's phone.

Minji followed jaewon to approach him. “Mr. Kim, what a coincidence. Are you also planning to purchase an apartment?”

Haein, who was in the midst of introducing the places to taehyung, stood up and smiled. “Are the two of you interested in purchasing an apartment? I am haein, a real estate agent here. Could I provide the two of you with any assistance?”

“I’m planning to purchase an apartment. I’m not sure if there’s anything suitable for me here.” minji planned on investing in an apartment and had brought her brother, jaewon, along with her to make a good decision.

Customers were all emperors. Haein received them warmly. “I currently have a lot of apartments available on sale. May I know what type of apartment you are looking for? What is your budget?”

Minji's initial budget was a million dollars.

However, she saw that taehyung was present and recalled that hyunsoo had given her two million dollars.

She immediately said proudly, “I’m looking for a new apartment with three rooms and two living spaces. The environment should be good. My budget is two million dollars.”

“Your budget is rather generous. I have a lot of apartments that will fit your conditions.” haein enthusiastically flipped open a booklet and began her introduction. “In the XX District, there is a new apartment that is well-furnished. The prior owner only lived in this place for a month. There are three rooms and two living spaces. It could be remodeled into having four rooms if you’re interested. It costs 1.5 million dollars…”

Minji saw that there were two empty seats at the coffee table. She chose the seat next to haein and sat down.

Jaewon, on the other hand, sat on the empty seat by taehyung's side.

The four seats were fully taken up.

Another employee served two cups of piping hot two for them. While haein was busy introducing the apartments to minji, jaewon leaned close to taehyung. “taehyung, have you found any apartments to your liking?”

Taehyung paid no attention to him.

He did not wish to sit with this pair of siblings. However, he was well-acquainted with haein.

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