Chapter 4

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Thus, the actual members of the Jeon family did not treat this group of outsiders well.

Jinyeong as well as dongwook and his wife overheard taehyung's whisper. A hint of smile appeared unanimously across their faces.

Minji, however, clenched her fists tightly. She had planned to lead taehyung into mistaking the Jeon family’s elders so that he would humiliate himself. Why did things appear to be moving out of her control…

A maid approached and bowed respectfully. “Lunch has been prepared.”

Jinyeong nodded sternly. “Let us all head there now.”

The group of them stepped into the Jeon family’s dining room. It was connected to the Jeon mansion’s enormous living room.

A large Korean -style round table was placed in the centre of the dining room. A rotating tray was placed on top of it with various exquisite-looking dishes.

A lot of thought had also been placed in their seating arrangement. Elder Jeon took his seat first. Dongwook and his wife then took their seats by his side. Next, jungkook, soyeon and minji took their seats.

Taehyung deliberated over his own seat as he watched them. However, jungkook had already tugged the chair next to his. “bear, sit here.”

He obediently took the seat he offered.

Minji was coincidentally seated directly across from him.

Jinyeong glanced at minji and taehyung's clothes with an insightful gaze. He then spoke to minji with some unhappiness. “minji, pay attention to what you wear in the future. Don’t wear the same type of clothes as your future brother-in-law. Outsiders may view this as a sign of disrespect to him. You were too immature this time.”

These words were especially pleasing to taehyung's ears.

Minji's future brother-in-law. In other words, Grandfather Jeon approved of his relationship with jungkook.

As expected, jungkook's relatives were just as wonderful as he was.

This time, minji's eyes reddened genuinely. She spoke up in grievance. “Grandfather, I… I didn’t know that Mr. Kim would wear this today.”

It was clear from the way she addressed him that she did not acknowledge taehyung's identity.

Jinyeong naturally noticed this. However, as taehyung had yet to marry into their family, he allowed her to do as she pleased. “Do your best to avoid it. Do you understand?”

“I understand.” The more compliant minji behaved, the more enraged she felt on the inside.

Soyeon watched as her daughter suffered a grievance. She was similarly angry but pretended to remain unfazed.

She had taught jaewon and minji that the more they wanted from the Jeon family, the more they needed to keep their desires hidden.

“Grandfather Jeon, you’re so adorable.” taehyung could not help but praise him.

He sighed internally and struggled to understand why he addressed such an adorable elderly as an ‘old peasant’ in his previous lifetime. He had immediately offended jungkook's parents. Since then, he was completely isolated in the Jeon family and only had jungkook on his side.

Thankfully, he had the opportunity to prevent the same event from repeating itself.

“Nonsense. How could you describe someone as stern as me as ‘adorable’!” Although jinyeong reprimanded him, he did not appear to be unhappy in the slightest. Instead, he seemed to enjoy his words. The more he looked at taehyung, the more he was satisfied with him.

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