Chapter 21

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In fact, the Elder’s illness was also one of minji's schemes.

The Elder had the habit of lighting an incense before he slept. Thus, she hypnotised jia, the maid who was in charge of cleaning the Elder’s room, into tampering with the incense. The fragrance of the tampered incense was meant to cause the Elder to suffer a heart attack.

minji suddenly realised that she hadn’t seen jia around in the mansion today. Could it be that she had already been found?

But that didn’t matter. Even if jia confessed to her crimes, she would not be able to state minji's involvement in this matter.

At this moment, the Kang Group’s Director, hyunsoo, approached them with a walking stick in his hands. He spoke up with a voice that had gone slightly hoarse with his age. “tae, ah. Grandfather Kang is a little late.”

Taehyung rushed to support him. “Grandfather Kang, it’s alright. As long as you’re here.”

A reporter noticed taehyung taking the initiative to support hyunsoo. He rushed to take photos of the scene.

“I should have come earlier.” hyunsoo sighed. “I wasn’t feeling too well so I took some time to rest before leaving. My body is old and unreliable now!”

“Grandfather Kang, you will definitely live till a hundred.” he wasn’t sure why, but he found that he had a soft spot for the elderly before him.

Minji rushed to stand up from the guest sitting area. She pushed taehyung away from hyunsoo's side and replaced her to support Elder Kang. “Grandfather, you’re here. Why didn’t you tell me that you were feeling unwell?”

hyunsoo noticed minji's movements. However, he assumed that she was feeling jealous and did not say anything about it. “I’m much better after resting for a while.”

Taehyung was unaffected by this. He turned to leave.

At this moment, hyunsoo brought out an envelope and handed it to taehyung. “tae, ah. This is the wedding gift Grandfather Kang has prepared for you.”

Taehyung received it with some confusion. The envelope seemed to contain a document?

Minji had a sense of foreboding. Still, she maintained a smile to ask. “Grandfather, what did you prepare for tae… for Cousin-in-law? It seems so mysterious wrapped in an envelope.”

“That’s right. I’ve never seen a wedding gift wrapped in a document envelope.” The other guests were also curious.

“It’s ten percent of the Kang Group’s shares,” hyunsoo responded.

Following his words, all the guests were in an uproar.

The reporters also rushed to capture this scene.

Minji turned as pale as a sheet of paper. She questioned him with some anger. “Grandfather, I am your granddaughter. How could you give the shares away to an outsider!”

Taehyung was also taken aback. At the moment, the Kang Group had a net worth of ten billion dollars. Ten percent of their shares was equivalent to a billion dollars. Why was Director Kang giving him such a heavy gift!

Even jungkook, dongwook and boah were extremely surprised.

A reporter asked him. “Miss minji is right. Ten percent of the Kang Group’s shares is worth up to a billion dollars. Director Kang, do you have any reasons for doing so?”

Hyunsoo responded. “Everyone, I’m sure you must know that I do not have any male heirs. Before finding minji, the Kang family only had an old man like me left. As the Kang Group did not have any heirs, I even once considered donating the Kang family’s inheritance to a charity organisation after I died. Although I’ve now found my granddaughter, minji, money is no longer an important matter to me. I feel very close to taehyung. When I’m with him, I always feel like I’m with my family. I already have one foot in the grave. Since I felt the urge to give him the shares, I decided to go ahead and simply do it.”

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