Chapter 30

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A moment later, Elder Jeon, boah, dongwook, soyeon and jaewon came to the Jeon Villa.

They were naturally here to visit jungkook. At the same time, they also asked if taehyung was doing well.

Just as jungkook gave the instructions to send the guests away, soyeon began to hesitate. “jungkook, Aunt has something to ask you…”

His gaze was as sharp as knives as he glanced at her. It was as though he could completely see through her.

His cold and dangerous aura left everyone shivering.

Soyeon was frightened into changing her words immediately. “Aunt has something to… beg of you.”

“Speak.” His cold and heavy voice did not reveal any of his emotions.

“minji went to the hospital to visit her grandfather, hyunsoo but was detained by your people.” soyeon continued fearfully. “May I know what she did wrong? Could you let her off?”

“Scram.” A hint of impatience flashed past jungkook's expression.

Soyeon was frightened into trembling. However, she could not back down when it came to her own daughter.

She knew that it was useless to continue begging him any further. Thus, she turned to Elder Jeon. “Father, though minji is my adopted daughter, I’ve always treated her as my own. She has always been a good child and is the Kang Group’s only successor. If news spread that jungkook has detained her, her reputation would be ruined.”

Taehyung suspected that minji was not hyunsoo's granddaughter. Instead, there was a possibility that he himself was part of the Kang family’s bloodline.

However, this was only a suspicion. He did not wish for others to think that he was greedy for the Kang family’s wealth. Thus, he did not plan on bringing this matter up yet.

In any case, when hyunsoo awoke, the truth would be revealed. There was no need to rush this matter.

Jaewon spoke up as well. “Grandfather, considering that minji is the Jeon family’s adopted daughter and that us siblings have been accompanying you in the old mansion for the past few years, please help my sister.”

The elder’s expression was heavy. “Since jungkook has taken over this matter, it isn’t right for me to interfere.”

“Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law…” soyeon turned to the silent dongwook and his wife.

“jungkook knows his limits,” dongwook spoke up coldly.

Soyeon was angered. She put on a disheartened expression. “Fine, all of you are treating minji like an outsider. It was one matter when she was only seen as an adopted daughter. Since all of you don’t think kindly of her, let her return to the Kang family and give up the Jeon name.”

Dongwook and boah did not care about this.

Elder Jeon, however, was angered into glaring at her. “Very good. Consider it that the Jeon family raised her for nothing then. From this day onwards, minji is no longer a member of the Jeon family!”

Soyeon spoke in pain. “Since minji isn’t a member of the Jeon family…” She turned to jungkook fearfully. “You can’t detain her.”

Jungkook's lips twitched into a hint of a cold smile. “Since she isn’t a member of the jeon family, she won’t be missed even if she dies.”

Of course, even if she were an outsider with the Jeon family’s name, her death would not affect anyone.

Soyeon's original intentions were to rescue her daughter. She did not expect things to turn even worse. “jungkook, that wasn’t what I meant. I just wanted you to let go of minji…”

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