Chapter 22

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Taehyung smiled. “Grandfather Kang, you can consider me as your grandson. I don’t have a grandfather anyway.”

“What happened to him?” hyunsoo asked.

“Ever since I was born, I’ve never met my grandparents. My parents have also never mentioned them to me. I remember asking my father about them, but he always appeared very heartbroken at the mention of them. He said that he is an unfilial child and that he holds a lot of guilt towards them. He told me he once visited them secretly a few times, just from afar. However, his brother was afraid that he would snatch his inheritance and chased him away.” taehyung shrugged. “I’ve also asked my adopted brother, yoongi, about this. He is also clueless about it. I’m an adult now, but I have no idea if my grandparents are still alive in this world.”

This time, it was hyunsoo who patted his hand comfortingly. “Little boy, don’t be upset. I believe that no matter if your grandparents are alive or not, they would hope for you to be healthy and safe.”

“En.” taehyung appeared to have thought of something. “Grandfather Kang, I forgot to mention this but minji knows hypnosis. Her ability works on anyone who doesn’t have a strong will and she is able to command them to carry out her orders.”

“There’s such a thing?”

“En.” taehyung nodded.

He frowned. “Although minji is your granddaughter, her intentions are impure. A while ago, the elders from the Jeon family each gave me a red packet with a cheque for six million dollars as a greeting gift. Before I had the chance to open the red packets, minji actually attempted to hypnotise me and tried to replace the red packets with her own red packets that only contained twenty dollars. Unfortunately, in the process of replacing the red packets, jaewon reminded her in time and she quickly stopped her attempt. This matter was personally witnessed by the Jeon family’s old butler, Lee ryong.”

Hyunsoo responded. “I understand ryong's character very well. He would definitely report this matter truthfully to jinyeong.”

“It should have been that way.” taehyung brought his phone out and showed him the video he had recorded. “Bai minji attempted to bribe ryong but was unsuccessful. She then hypnotised him. In the end, Uncle lee followed her instructions and reported to Elder Jeon that she was simply returning the red packets which I had dropped, out of good intentions. This is the process of her hypnosis.”

After watching the video, hyunsoo frowned heavily. “What a frightening skill! Are there any ways of overcoming it?”

Taehyung deliberated over it. “Her hypnosis won’t always work. I think that with your strong willpower, minji will never be able to hypnotise you. Otherwise, she would already have entered the Kang Group and gained control of the company. Would there be a need for her to be this angry over ten percent of the company’s shares?”

“That makes sense.” hyunsoo nodded.

“When she uses her ability, she needs the other party to look in the eye. If she does that to you, you can focus on thoughts and strengthen your willpower to reduce the likelihood of falling under her control. At times, perhaps pretending to have fallen under her control, would also be a good scheme to play?”

“Thank you for your reminder.” hyunsoo asked in curiosity. “If you have recorded evidence of her hypnosis, why didn’t you publicise it?”

“She stopped her crime midway. As long as she attempts to argue her way of this, the Jeon family won’t be able to punish her much.” taehyung did not wish for minji to receive a soft punishment. What he desired was for minji to pay with her life one day!

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