Chapter 48

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David was deeply moved. He stared at jungkook and tears began to well up in his eyes. "Boss, I truly did not expect you to still be alive. Uu… If you and your wife had truly died for me, I would have to live in regret for the rest of my life…"

"Enough. What is a big man like you crying like this?" jungkook frowned deeply.

"I'm just too moved…" david sobbed.

For some reason, he appeared just like a little wife that had been bullied, to taehyung.

Haha, he did not expect the capable second hand to have such an adorable side.

Jungkook scanned their surroundings carefully. "How many more players are remaining?"

When david heard this, he responded. "There should only be one."

"You're certain?"

David stepped into the destroyed home. The player he had shot laid in there.

There were two other foreign men, as well as… taesung 

The latter three individuals were killed with a single, fatal shot. There was no need to question it. It was definitely his boss's work.

David glanced at the corpse on the ground with some pity. "That's taesung. I kind of miss him now that he's dead."

"Oh?" jungkook lifted his brows with some interest.

"taesung was initially in a team with me. He was beautiful and was willing to suffer as a couple with me in this horrid place. It's only natural that I accepted him." david glanced at taesung's pale skin. "Having him in this circumstance made the entire experience quite exciting, especially with the danger lurking around. However, he felt that I was strong enough alone and decided to betray me. He then teamed up with three other criminals who had previously committed serious offenses. I have to admit that his decision was wise. His entire team was the strongest in this game. They were basically invincible. I've watched them kill countless participants. It's a pity that I wasn't strong enough to deal with them and could only watch them from afar."

"After he formed a team with them, I've been following him. I realized that he relied mostly on his body to remain in a favorable position in his team. In the end, because he was far too charming, two of his teammates fought over him and one of them left the team."

David glanced at the two dead bodies near taesung's corpse. "Boss, you're amazing. You actually killed all three members of taesung's team. I haven't been able to do anything against them. You're still the most capable."

Jungkook's expression was cold. He was unmoved by david's admiration. "Are you certain that victory is the only way to leave this team?"

"Yes." david nodded. "This subordinate has already investigated the three incidents of ambush which you have gone through over the past few years. I looked into hangyeol and confirmed that the instructions were given by the head of the Dark Moon Organisation."

Jungkook narrowed his eyes. "I've never come across this organization. Who would have thought it would be them? Exactly how did I offend the head of the Dark Moon Organisation?"

He smiled coldly.. "Nevermind. When I leave this place, I will ruin Dark Moon as well!"

This tone was cold and the atmosphere instantly turned eerie. It was as though the God of Death himself was descending and he would leave no one alive!

David nodded. "Alright, Boss. When we leave this place, we'll immediately destroy 'Dark Moon'."

"In that case." jungkook said expressionlessly, "You. Hurry up and drag the final player out."

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