Chapter 33

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Soyeon turned pale in fright. She cried out in a flustered state. “No, jungkook, please have mercy…”

Jungkook's sharp gaze landed on her and soyeon immediately shrunk back in fear.

Jaewon understood that even God himself wouldn’t be able to save minji now. He supported his mother’s frail figure. “Mom, these are the consequences of minji's actions.”

“Cousin, how could you be this cruel…” minji was now truly frightened. “Even if you want me to die, you can shoot a bullet to my head and end my pain immediately. Why must you torture me like this?”

“Do you know where maria, the maid, is right now? Her corpse is in the ocean for the sharks to feast on. You hypnotised maria in an attempt to blind tae. You then sent yoonjo to hit tae with his car in an attempt to leave him dead or atleast paralyze him.” jungkook's gaze conveyed his murderous intent. “yoonjo has already confessed that you were the one who instructed him to do everything. I’m going easy on you by returning your schemes to you. To think you still have the face to beg for mercy…”

Minji was pale, however, she refused to give up. “Cousin, I was wrong. I beg you. Please consider me as a member of the Jeon family and show me some mercy…”

Jungkook instructed coldly. “Seal her lips. Take her away.”

A bodyguard immediately retrieved a white cloth from his pocket and stuffed it into minji's mouth. He then dragged her out to the front yard. Minji's expression was filled with despair.

“Wait.” jungkook suddenly spoke up heavily.

A hint of hope flashed past minji's gaze. Was he willing to show her some kindness?

“Even if minji is paralysed and blind, make sure that she is carefully watched. Don’t let her escape. Take good ‘care’ of her at all times of the day! I want her remaining days to be worse than death!” jungkook instructed coldly.

“Yes, Sir.” The bodyguards immediately left to carry out his orders.

Soyeon fainted from the immense heartache.

Jaewon was trembling from head to toe and barely managed to control himself from begging for mercy on his sister’s behalf.

minji was crying silently in despair. The bodyguards dragged her into a business car parked in the yard.

“My mother is feeling unwell. I’ll send her back to the old mansion.” jaewon supported soyeon out of the Jeon Villa.

Hyunsoo and hyuntae were both extremely satisfied with jungkook's decision.

If minji had succeeded with her evil schemes, by now, tae would be the one who was paralysed and blind.

They were unable to accept this, no matter what.

“jungkook, ah. I have nothing to worry about now that tae is with you.” hyunsoo spoke up. “In this period, hyunseok and I have been in the Jeon Villa troubling the both of you. We plan on returning to the Kang home to live from now on.”

“That’s right.” hyuntae, who was also hyunseok, spoke up. “It’s been too long since I returned to the Kang home. I miss home.”

“We’re a family. You’ll never trouble us.” jungkook's expression softened slightly. “The Jeon Villa is tae's home, as well as your home. As long as both of you wish to be here, you may come over any time.”

“Good, good.” hyunsoo pushed hyuntae's wheelchair and with the servants’ help, they managed to leave in a car. In fact, they mainly wanted to give the young couple a little more time with each other.

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