Chapter 44

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Although he could figure out how to make a wooden raft, a proper boat was beyond him.

Even though the boats they had here were small, it was still safer than traveling by a wooden raft.

Previously, they had stored a lot of items on their wooden raft. Several villagers kept glancing towards it with interest. All of a sudden, a villager raised his voice. He spoke incomprehensibly.

Akira, the village head, was right by the side. He approached the wooden raft and picked up the hatchet in their basket.

Akira seemed to have declared something and in an instant, they were surrounded by the villagers. Everyone’s expressions were fierce.

Jungkook and taehyung had a sense of foreboding. However, they did not escape.

This was because they were dealing with over a hundred people and these villagers were familiar with the place. In this situation, there was no way for them to escape.

Akira pointed sternly at the markings on the hatchet and asked in English. “Where did you find this?”

Taehyung responded, “We drifted to an uninhabited part of this island. It is on the opposite side of where we stand now. This island is especially big and it took four hours to row against the current and get here. From where we first arrived on the island, we traveled around two kilometers and found a portion of the forest surrounded by thick fog. There was a corpse there and it had already begun to decay. Based on the corpse’s clothes, it seemed to be a man. We found this hatchet next to the corpse and picked it up. There were also a lot of venomous snakes there. We were nearly bitten.”

He gestured as he spoke and repeated himself several times before akira finally understood.

He spoke to the villagers in their local language and they all seemed very agitated. Their gaze was furious as they stared at jungkook.

Taehyung and jungkook exchanged glances. They had only picked up a hatchet. The villagers’ reactions were clearly amiss.

Sara glanced at jungkook in sympathy and pursed her lips together silently.

Jungkook pointed at akira and asked sara. “What did he say to them?”

“He said…” sara wanted to speak truthfully. However, akira shot her a warning look. As she still wanted to continue living in this village, she could only shake her head.

This man was doomed. He was about to die under the villagers’ hands.

Everyone had seen the way jungkook always held taehyung's hand and shoulder. From the expressions, it was clear that they were a couple.

They believed that the village head had God’s blessing. The person he took a liking to, always ended up being his.

From the moment this couple arrived, when the village head made a move to embrace him, he had already declared his ownership of him.

Jungkook had stopped the village head from doing so. In other words, he had challenged the village head’s power.

Jungkook originally had only one more chance of survival; that was to be with her and to become her man.

It was a pity that he had rejected her request when she brought him to his home earlier.

The corpse they spoke of was one of their villagers named ‘Nuo’.

Earlier, taehyung said they had only picked up Nuo’s hatchet. She understood this.

It was a pity that the village head declared that the man had killed Nuo and stolen his hatchet.

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