Chapter 23

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Of course, considering V Gaming Company’s accomplishment today, this matter would not be easily achieved.

“Our company is not lacking in money. It’s impossible for you guys to become a shareholder. If there are no other matters, please excuse me now.” sewoon did not give her any more attention as he left to greet the other guests.

“Hey…” minji wanted to continue.

However, the other party had already left to speak to another company’s old CEO. He was completely uninterested in speaking to her further.

At this moment, a young man could be heard speaking agitatedly to the employees at the entrance. “I am a loyal client of your company’s games. Why won’t you let me in?”

“My apologies. But we cannot allow you into the venue if you do not have an invitation.” The employee handled this matter professionally.

“I don’t care, I’m going in!” The young man forcefully pushed his way in. The employees had no choice but to hold him back and a scuffle immediately followed.

“My apologies, Sir. There were over ten thousand experienced players who were interested in participating in our event. The guests were selected randomly through our system. If everyone is allowed to enter the event without an invitation, this would be extremely unfair to the other guests. I seek your understanding on this. We’re very sorry.” The employees kept explaining.

“You guys are too much. I’m already here, yet you’re still trying to stop me!” The young man was extremely angry. In fact, he was not a gamer whatsoever. He had been called here by minji.

When minji saw this, she rushed over to ask. “What’s happening?”

The young man spoke in anger. “This cheap company refuses to let me in because I don’t have an invitation!”

Minji suddenly raised her voice. “V Gaming Company is too discriminatory. They don’t have any morals to speak of. Are they intent on going back on all their promises?”

The entire event hall fell silent. The guests turned to her in confusion.

Sewoon rushed over. “Miss minji, what happened? Why do you say so?”

Minji pointed at the young man who was being stopped at the door. “Everyone, please take a look at this young man. He is a gamer who is loyal to V Gaming Company, and came to attend this event with good intentions but was stopped outside the door. No matter how he pleaded, they did not give into him. But what about taehyung?”

She then pointed towards taehyung, who was in the midst of tasting a glass of red wine.

Sewoon rushed to ask her. “How is this related to him?”

“I asked taehyung. He similarly doesn’t have an invitation. You guys claim that no one is allowed to enter without one… Yet you did not even bother to check before letting him in. At the end of the day, isn’t it because he is Madam Jeon?” minji criticised loudly. “Is your  Gaming Company this discriminatory?”

In any case, Xing Feng Company was not strong enough. It was clearly impossible for them to acquire the V Company. Hence, minji was not afraid of offending them.

After speaking, minjo suddenly noticed jungkook seated in one of the booth seats in the corner of the event hall. His cold gaze was directed at them.

My god, why was jungkook here?

If she had known he was present, she wouldn’t have spoken that way.

However, she was truly angry. Taehyung had stolen her position as Madam Jeon and taken the ten percent of Kang Group’s shares that belonged to her. She felt that she would go crazy if she did not humiliate taehyung in some way!

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