Chapter 35

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“My wife, you have to live on well!” jungkook's cold and heavy voice was hoarse. He tried his best to imprint his image in his mind. There were too many emotions conveyed through his gaze. He could not bear to leave him.

He dearly wished to spend a lifetime with him. However…

The circumstances would not allow for it.

Taehyung realised his intentions. As he heard his familiar words, the memories from his previous life began to replay in his head.

In their previous lifetime, as they had fallen from the rooftop of a skyscraper, he had cushioned his fall with his body, leaving the same words behind.

At the time, he had been both blind and paralysed.

And he had used his life to protect him.

In this life, he had grown beautiful. Still, at the most critical moment, he was using his life to protect him.

It turned out that no matter how he appeared, he was willing to devote his entire life to loving him!

Taehyung understood that they were falling from too great of a height. The impact upon collision would be just as strong as when they had fallen from the rooftop.

He absolutely would not allow jungkook to sacrifice his life for him once more. He attempted to shift their bodies and to protect him instead.

However, he held him tightly and prevented him from moving.

He could only watch as they fell closer towards the surface of the water.

Taehyung took a deep breath in and held it so that he would not choke on the sea water.

At the same time, he concentrated on the surface of the water and activated his power. He wanted to help both their bodies remain afloat the moment they landed in the water.

Unfortunately, the force upon impact was still too great.

Their bodies smashed against the ocean heavily and began to sink downwards.

After sinking nearly thirty metres beneath the surface, their bodies finally began to float.

Right after falling into the ocean, jungkook immediately released taehyung from his embrace. The painful collision caused him to suffer serious injuries.

Thankfully, he had protected him and he was most likely unharmed.

Even as he faced death, he did not wish to let go of him.

This was because he knew the moment he released him, he would no longer be able to see him again. He would have to head towards death all by himself.

However, he was seriously injured and they only had one life jacket.

He wanted to give the remaining hope of survival to him.

He had no choice. For the first and last time, he let go of his hands.

He originally thought that he would sink towards the depths of the ocean alone. To his shock, taehyung maintained his tight grip on his palm. He began to busy himself with his other hand.

He was actually helping him into the only life jacket they had!

his dazed gaze quickly regained focus. He glared at him underwater and shot him the sharpest look he could muster.

Taehyung noticed his expression. Despite the fact that they could not speak, he clearly recognised his anger and understood that he was trying to stop him.

He wanted to place the life jacket back on him. Unfortunately, he had suffered serious injuries when he fell and was in immense pain. He could not move his body due to the extreme discomfort.

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