Chapter 49

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Taehyung felt gloomy. They wouldn't even leave the ants on the ground an opportunity to bite him.

He did not wish to be poisoned to death. Although his special abilities could conceal him from the people around him, it could not fool the surveillance cameras.

If the organizers noticed him jumping up right now, wouldn't countless people immediately begin pursuing him? They would even realize that he had faked his death and begin chasing jungkook.

When the poisonous gas spread towards him, he immediately held his breath.

He planned to remain alive for as long as possible. At the very least, he wanted to give jungkook a little more time.

Thankfully, just as he was about to suffocate, the automated voice could be heard once more. "May all snipers stationed outside the game map leave right now. The area will be cleaned up in three minutes. We will now shut down the surveillance cameras and cut off the electricity."

When taehyung heard this, he immediately understood that no one was watching the place anymore.

He jumped up from the ground and picked up the backpack on the ground. He covered his nose and mouth and hurriedly ran down the mountain.

As he approached the foot of the mountain, he jumped into the drainage and nearly stepped on david's 'corpse'.

The poisonous gaze moved upwards. Thus, the air in the drainage was relatively fresh. 

David laid in the drain breathing loudly. "Aiya, Mr. Kim, you're here. I wonder if we'll be poisoned to death first, or die by burning?"

Taehyung immediately knelt in the drainage to search through his backpack. He retrieved two gas masks and immediately put one on. He then handed the other david. "Put it on. Let's run towards the lake over there!"

In the past few days, while david searched for the final player, the two of them had looted countless corpses.

They had found these gas masks at the time and kept them for emergencies.

This drainage did not have much water. It was also filled with fuel. When the fire spread here, they would be doomed to die.

David immediately wore the gas mask and climbed out of the drain with him quickly. They ran towards the lake.

Taehyung had a stolen watch on his wrist. "We have twenty more seconds."

"The lake is at least two kilometers away. We won't get there in time!" david shouted as he ran.

The car jungkook had used earlier was parked by the roadside. David opened the car door. "Let's drive!"

"We can." taehyung said, "This car is covered in fuel. Igniting the engine will start a fire and cause an explosion. This place will immediately be engulfed in flames. By then, even our ashes will be hard to locate!"

His pace did not slow down despite his words.

David felt that his words made sense.

He quickly caught up to him.

The two of them ran towards the lake with all their might.

Just as David thought they would die on the way there, taehyung turned and ran towards an abandoned house on the left.

"Hey!" david shouted. "The lake isn't there! You're running in the wrong direction!"

Taehyung appeared not to have heard anything as he ran into the house.

David wasn't sure if he was supposed to wait for him and continue running for the lake.

Even the fastest person could only cover up to five hundred meters in a minute.

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