Chapter 28

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Seeing this, taehyung said, “Since minji has made such a serious vow, let’s not lock her up.”

Jinyeong was in the midst of hesitating. When he heard this, he nodded. “Alright then. In any case, Old Kang will wake up within three to five days. When he wakes up, it will be clear whether or not minji tried to murder him.”

His sharp gaze landed on minji. “I’ll believe in you for the time being. Spend more time with Old Kang. After all, he is your last living relative in this world.”

“Thank you, Grandfather!” minji was deeply moved and immediately kowtowed towards him.

Jinyeong's expression was heavy when he stated. “You should be thanking your cousin-in-law. He was the one who spoke up for you. I’m only listening to his intentions.”

Minji smiled gratefully towards taehyung. “Thank you, Cousin-in-law.”

Although she said so on the surface, internally, she mocked taehyung for being useless trash. Taehyung's soft heart would only give her the opportunity to send hin into hell.

Taehyung naturally understood that minji was planning something again. Locking her up would make it difficult for this brat to get up to her mischief.

hyunsoo would awaken within three to five days and minji definitely would not allow him to wake up. In other words, she would do something within this time period.

Hence, taehyung was ready to catch her in the act.

Jinyeong stood outside the intensive care unit for a while. Soon, he left with soyeon.

Taehyung took in the sight of hyunsok lying on the hospital bed through the transparent glass. He had an oxygen mask on and was dressed in a patient’s clothes. His wrinkled features were pale and he appeared especially thin. It seemed as though he would cease breathing anytime.

At the thought of how lonely hyunsoo could be, he found that he was truly quite pitiful.

Even his only granddaugher had attempted to murder him. Her actions could only be described as inhumane.

Minji stood several metres away from taehyung. The anxiety in her expression was obvious. “Uu… I wonder when my grandfather will wake up. I hope he does so soon.”

Her words made her appear to be an extremely filial granddaughter.

Taehyung pursed his lips together and did not respond.

Jaewon, who had also stayed behind, spoke comfortingly. “Sister, don’t worry. Director Kang will be fine.”

“En.” minji nodded pitifully. Internally, however, she dearly wished that hyunsoo would quickly die. Immediately!

Jaewon's seemingly refined gaze shifted onto taehyung. His expression was filled with heartache. “taehyung, it’s already midnight. You must be tired. I will guard outside Director Kang's room. Go ahead and get some sleep.”

“There’s no need for you to be a busybody.” taehyung was expressionless.

For some reason, he struggled to stop worrying for hyunsoo. It wasn’t just because he was grateful for the Kang Group’s stocks which he had given him.

He felt an unexplainable hint of heartache for him.

It was as though hyunsoo was his relative. He felt anxious and flustered as if he was on the verge of losing a family member.

“In that case, I’ll accompany you.” jaewon smiled warmly and approached him.

Taehyung immediately shouted to stop him. “Maintain a distance of five steps away from me.”

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