Chapter 39

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Nearing daylight, jungkook got up to collect water.

After pouring some water into the three bottles last night, they had wiped themselves off with the remaining water. The first aid kit was now emptied.

Jungkook approached the seaside and looked for the most humid location. He then opened the first aid kit.

He collected some tree branches and tied them up into a simple pyramid shaped support.

At the center of the tree branches was the surgical knife..

This way, the water droplets that condensed on the surgical knife in the early morning would flow along the surgical knife to drip into the first aid box.

The first aid box was used to contain the surgical knife.

But the lid itself could also be used to collect water.

Thus, jungkook took off his expensive, waterproof watch. He arranged it to similarly hang above the lid. This way, there would be another source of pure water.

For the time being, he could not locate any other items suitable for collecting drinkable water.

Jungkook returned to where taehyung was lying beneath a tree.

He was still asleep.

They had been too unrestrained last night and he was thoroughly exhausted.

After drifting ashore for so long and enduring countless dangers, both of them had been overwhelmed with emotions.

The shells he had stored in his shirt earlier had fully dried up. Even their clothes had fully dried up by yesterday afternoon.

After embracing him earlier, they had gotten fully dressed again.

He unbuttoned his shirt and wrapped it around him. It would be good if it warmed him up even slightly.

He had thought to leave to collect some dew water from the leaves. However, as he watched him sleep, he realized that he was trembling.

He was worried he would fall sick. Thus, he sat down on the ground and lifted him into his arms, allowing him to rest in his embrace.

Taehyung was thoroughly exhausted. He opened his eyes drowsily and when he saw that it was him, he quickly fell back asleep.

His husband’s embrace was indeed much warmer.

As jungkook held him, he swore internally that he would build a shelter for them when the sun rose. He would not let him sleep on the ground again.

By the time the morning mist had faded and the sun had risen, jungkook had to put taehyung down to ensure the water he had collected would not evaporate. He then went to check on the first aid box nearby.

He approached and saw that there were around three hundred millimeters of water in the box. There was also around two hundred millimeters of water in its lid.

A hint of satisfaction appeared in his eyes.

As expected, this island was much more humid and they could collect more water than they did when they were adrift.

Although five hundred millimeters of water was not sufficient for them to last through the day, at the very least, they would not die of thirst.

If he failed to collect more water or was unable to locate a water source, perhaps he would look for edible fruits to hydrate them.

He carefully poured the water on the lid into the box before closing it.

He then searched for an area with a lot of shade and buried the box there.

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