Chapter 54

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Hoseok immediately appeared grateful to the point where it seemed like he would cry. “Boss, you’ve never praised this subordinate. Those words of yours truly bring this subordinate glory.”

“Quit flattering.”

“Yes, Sir.” hoseok straightened his back. Nonetheless, he remained overjoyed internally.

After all, Boss rarely praised anyone. Of course, his beloved wife was an exception.

“Boss, when it comes to your aunt, soyeon, both the people who have known her in the past and the present only have good things to say about her. They say that she is virtuous, refined, well-brought up and not one to cause trouble.” hoseok continued. “Furthermore, it seems like she has never done anything out of line in the Jeon family.”

“Is that so?” jungkook was deep in thought. “It seems like this woman hid her true colors too well. In the three years she disappeared… wanwab, siri…” 

He lowered his head to look at soyeon and Jun's photo. He instructed in a heavy voice. “Visit the prison and draw a vial of minji's blood. Take some from jaewon as well. Do a DNA test for their blood with jun's and soyeon's.”

“Yes, Sir.” hoseok turned to leave.

Jungkook added. “Investigate further about taeri's ex-girlfriend, hari.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After hoseok left, taehyung continued scanning jun's photo. He said to jungkook, “Hubby, looking closely, jun seems to somewhat resemble jaewon and minji.”

“Furthermore, the siblings are only one year apart in age. Aren’t the three years soyeon disappeared just perfect for her to have two children with jun?”

“If that is the case…” taehyung could not help but tremble. “soyeon forced hari aside to take her position. Your Uncle taeri was not only cheated on, he even welcomed soyeon's children into the Jeon family with open arms. This woman is really too capable!”

Jungkook's expression was especially poor. “I recall that Uncle taeri had praised soyeon heavily that year. He even claimed that he had thoroughly investigated soyeon's past and confirmed that she was an obedient and virtuous woman. At the time, he was playful and rebellious. Grandfather was disappointed in him and did not have the time to manage his affairs. When he said he wanted to marry soyeon, Grandfather said that she seemed to be an innocent young lady and left him be. Now it seems like I really have to thank that dead uncle of mine. He welcomed three wolves into our family.”

He brought taehyung into his arms. “My wife, thankfully, you suggested that we investigate soyeon. Otherwise, I’m not sure when I would have ever found out about this.”

He watched him heavily.. “I’m not worried about anything else, but you previously discovered that alice came into contact with jun… Alice is a wanted criminal."

“Alice has gone into hiding due to my pursuit. She can’t even protect herself right now.” jungkook was unfazed. “Back then, she hid herself while sending her men after me. I did not know her identity at the time. But since I now know who she is, it’s an easy matter for me to erase her.”

“En.” he nodded. “You should still be careful.”

“Don’t worry.” He gently patted his back. “I won’t put you in any danger again.”

As for everyone else, even if alice took hold of them, they would be no threat to him.

He also sent extra subordinates to guard the Jeon family’s elders.

In the Jeon family’s old mansion, Bodyguard hoseok brought a team of men to barge into the xx Residence.

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