Chapter 50

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In a blink of an eye, it had been two weeks since taehyung, jungkook and david returned to the country.

After the bullet was retrieved from david's arm, he made a full recovery. He then took a team of men with him abroad to destroy Dark Moon's base. As a result, the leader of Dark Moon was now forced to be on the run.

Jungkook remained by taehyung's side in the Jeon Villa the entire time.

During the fire, taehyung had to endure the cold water and the lack of food. He had fallen sick the moment he came home.

Thankfully, after a long rest, he had mostly recovered. His skin had also turned much fairer.

Taehyung stood in the old Jeon mansion's backyard. He recalled his father and grandfather's overjoyed reaction when he first made it home.

Jinyeong, dongwook and boah had also been overwhelmed and it seemed like they were on the verge of tears.

In the period that the two of them had been missing, the five elders were so consumed with worry that they barely ate or slept.

Thus, jungkook and taehyung stayed in the Kang family's villa for a week before moving to the old Jeon family's mansion so as to spend some time with all of them.

He learned that while they had been missing, the Jeon and Kang family had sent out almost all of their subordinates to search for them.

Even his brother, yoongi look for him.

Taehyung strolled comfortably in the Jeon family's yard. From afar, jaewon watched him with a hint of unhappiness in his gaze.

He dearly wished to approach him. However, ever since his return, jungkook had sent his men to beat him up whenever he tried to do so.

After repeated incidents, he now only dared to watch him from a distance.

He was truly becoming more and more beautiful.

He was now a university graduate. His grandfather, hyunsoo, had already announced that he was set to inherit the entire Kang Group.

He was the heiress of a powerful family with over a hundred years of history. He was also the world renowned fashion designer, V, and the director of V Finance Group.

Moreover, he had married the most revered man in the country, jungkook.

He had become the most powerful man in their country.

But this ore used to love him! He was supposed to be his!

Jaewon's gaze was filled with unhappiness and anger.

The Jeon and Kang family were far too frightening. In the period jungkook and taehyung were absent, he had thought that the two families would have fallen into disarray. Although he and soyeon could not do anything to the Kang family, they could have at least attacked the Jeon family.

To their shock, the Jeon family elders were impossible to fool.

While the Jeon family were frantically searching for them, the companies operated as per normal. Even jungkook's JJK empire remained at ease without their CEO.

This was because jungkook had carefully selected capable subordinates and they were able to keep the JJk emoire running efficiently.

With the Jeon family still standing, even if someone tried to cause trouble in the JJK empire, it would be futile.

He had prayed fervently for jungkook and taehyung to never return.

However, both of them returned alive and unharmed.

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