Chapter 31

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Seokjin was a little confused. “How did you manage to agitate Mr. kang earlier? If it wasn’t with a sufficiently intense emotional reaction, he wouldn’t have woken up. Of course, it’s a miracle that he even regained consciousness. Perhaps it is more suitable to ask Mr. Kang this question.” If it had been anyone else, they would not have been able to wake up from a long coma like this and would have most likely, passed away in that state.

Hyuntae was cared for in the Asam Hospital and received very good treatment. He also had a strong desire to live. This was one of the reasons why he was able to regain consciousness.

“Of course, Mr. Kang can choose not to answer my question. I am asking this out of my own personal curiosity. I hope to understand the situation a little better.” seokjin's expression was filled with anticipation.

Taehyung fed his father some warm water. After his throat felt a little better, he spoke up hoarsely. “I heard my father calling me. Over the years, I’ve always wanted to return home… My father said that I was the only person he had left… I was worried and wanted to look at him… so I woke up.”

He spoke slowly in a shaky voice. Everyone listened attentively and tried their best to understand before they got the whole gist of it.

When seokjin heard this, he sighed in wonder. “The power of family is indeed amazing. Thank you for answering my question, Mr. Kang. Have a good rest.” He brought up a few more matters for the patient to pay attention to before leaving the hospital room.

“Father…” hyuntae kept repeating. “I’m unfilial…”

Hyunsoo was both heartbroken and overjoyed as he cried. “No, no. I was wrong.”

Hyuntae's gaze shifted onto his son, taehyung. He wanted to wave him over but found that he did not even have the strength to raise his hand. He could only call for him. “tae…”

“Dad!” taehyung approached his bedside and took in his thin figure with teary eyes.

He had wanted to help his father gain some weight.

However, he could only rely on IV for nutrition in his coma and it was impossible for him to gain any weight. He could only watch as he grew thinner and thinner by the day.

“You’ve suffered…” As hyuntae took in the son he loved dearly, he began to tear up again.

Taehyung shook his head. “Dad, I’m alright. I’m doing very well.” he tugged jungkook close and said to him, “Dad, I’ve been married to kook for some time. I regret that you weren’t able to attend our wedding.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright. As long as you are both happy.” hyuntae sized up jungkook.

He saw that his figure was tall and strong, and he had a cold and powerful aura. With one glance, it was clear that this was an outstanding and capable individual.

He had always been very satisfied with jungkook and taehyung's childhood engagement.

“Father,” jungkook addressed him heavily.

“Good, good.” hyuntae nodded again. Having a son-in-law was akin to having another son. His gaze shifted around the room. “How long was I unconscious for? Where is your mother and your brother? And Jennie?”


Hyunsoo, jungkook and taehyung fell silent.

Too much had happened in the past five years.

“Father, you’ve been unconscious for five years.” jungkook said finally, “A lot of things have happened since then. I will explain them in detail to you at a later date.”

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