Chapter 19

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When hyunsoo heard these words, a hint of surprise flashed past his face. “tae, your father is hospitalised in the room next door?”

minji's heart jumped in fright at his question.

“That’s right, Grandfather Kang.” taehyung's expression was serious. “My father suffered a stroke five years ago and went into a coma. The chances of him waking up is very low.”

Hyunsoo held his walking stick to stand. “Let’s go. I’ll take this opportunity to visit your father.”

Truly, the very thing you fear will always come! Minji's heart nearly slammed out of her chest. She spoke somewhat unhappily. “Grandfather, it’s late at night. You must be tired. You should go home and rest early.”

“It won’t be too late to leave after visiting Father Kim.”

“Alright then.” minji wanted to try harder to stop him. However, jungkook was an extremely intelligent man. It would be bad if he noticed something amiss.

Still, she absolutely could not allow hyunsoo to see hyuntae!

Taehyung wanted to refuse him. However, after considering that he had good intentions, he agreed. “Ok then, Grandfather Kang, please follow me.”

minji supported hyunsoo out of the hospital room as he asked taehyung. “What’s your father’s name?”

“My father’s name is Kang hyuntae.” taehyung comfortably replied.

“Oh?” hyunsoo's grey brows lifted. “Your father also has the surname of Kang? In that case, he shares the same ancestors as my Kang family. Why isn’t his surname Kim?”

Taehyung was not embarrassed to tell him. “Um… My father married into the Kim family. He became a son-in-law living in his wife’s family, so I naturally took my mother’s surname.”

When hyunsoo heard this, he became extremely angry. His sudden anger caused his old body to tremble.

Speaking of which, it had been twenty-seven years ago. Back then, his third son, hyunseok, had fought with his family over a woman and eloped with that woman!

He even declared that all his future children would take on that woman’s surname!

This event had angered him to death! That son of his had thrown away the faces of all eighteen generations of their ancestor. At the time, he immediately declared that he did not have a son like this. He even told hyunseok to never return home, and to take it as though the Kang family never had a child like him.

After that, the rebellious child truly disappeared for twenty-seven years. When minji came to meet him, she said that he had passed away from an illness and that his body was buried in a graveyard outside the city. Even the hair used for the DNA test had been retrieved right before he passed.

He had been to the graveyard to visit that unfilial child who had thrown his own family away for a woman. At the time, he had reprimanded him loudly for dying and for leaving a white-haired old man to send his children away.

Back then, he had been stubborn and felt that he could survive losing a useless son like hyunseok.

However, he never expected that the Kang family’s lineage would end up in such a pitiful state. Today, they could only rely on hyunseok's only child, minji, to further the Kang family’s bloodline.

“What’s wrong, Grandfather Kang?” taehyung noticed that he was upset.

Hyunsoo returned from his thoughts and sighed. “It’s nothing. I merely recalled something unhappy from the past.”

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