Chapter 36

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Taehyung noticed his thoughts and spoke up in determination. “I won’t let you die. I’ve said it before. If you die, I’ll accompany you in death!”

Jungkook was deeply moved by his resolve. His gaze began to turn misty.

However, carrying an operation out in the ocean was bound to lead to death.

Still, no matter what it was he hoped to do, even if it was to mess with his own life, he would support it.

At this moment, he was already too weak to respond.

Taehyung understood that his life was in critical danger. However, he was choosing not to think about it. This was because the more he thought about it, the more he felt he would break down mentally.

He held onto his waist with one hand and opened the floating first aid kit with his other hand.

He first brought out the large piece of shark meat, placing it on the lid.

The first aid kit was well stocked. It even contained a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a packet of gauze.

He washed the surgical knife in the ocean before placing it on one side of the first aid box. He then used one hand to open the bottle of rubbing alcohol, pouring a little on the knife to wash it clean.

He had used this knife to cut the fish meat earlier and needed to disinfect it well.

He then wiped it repeatedly with gauze soaked in alcohol.

Next, he opened the bottle of medication that would stop his bleeding in preparation.

“I wanted to operate on you from the start.” Whilst preparing the tools, he spoke to him. “But the waves were too strong. With the way they came one after another, there’s no need to mention surgery. I’m sure the moment I opened the first aid kit, everything in it would have been swept away. I could only wait till the waves calm down, like now.”

“En.” He barely responded in a soft voice.

“This first aid kit is a treasure to us. I grabbed it right before jumping off the plane, all for the sake of taking care of your wound.” he tried to sound as relaxed as possible.

He knew of this. Unfortunately, he was weak to the point where he could not respond back.

“I’m sure you must have noticed when I was killing the shark, that both of the knives were thrown with more force than a normal person can muster. You must have seen how the two suit jackets clung onto the shark as well.” he told him with a smile, “I have special powers.”

Despite his smile, his gaze was only filled with concern for him.

A hint of shock flashed past his sharp gaze. However, it quickly changed into understanding.

All his preparations were finally complete. Taehyung removed jungkook's shirt and laid it on his shoulder. He then tugged against jungkook, helping him to lay afloat on the water.

He then closed his eyes to concentrate. The next time he opened his eyes, his gaze was cold and focused on jungkook.

Jungkook was shocked to realise that his body was slowly floating above the water. It then stilled ten centimetres above the surface.

He remained afloat just like that.

My god, his abilities were too amazing! What sort of treasure was he?

He always believed his wife to be a flower, one that could only rely on him for protection.

It turns out that he was extremely strong and capable, and that he could protect him too.

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