Chapter 40

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At the time, he had only skimmed through the video and vaguely learned the steps.

In truth, he did not know how to weave slippers.

Now that the bamboo strips were prepared, he attempted to weave them based on however much he could remember from the video. He made a lot of mistakes and had to undo the weaving several times…

By the time jungkook returned, the sun had already set and taehyung had completed a bamboo basket.

A hint of admiration flashed past his eyes. “My wife, how many more surprises do you have for me?”

He lifted his brows. “You’re surprised just like that?”

He sighed twice.

He placed the pile of crabs down and watched him in heartache. “Why did you sigh?”

Was it because he had landed on an uninhabited island with him and had grown sick of the poor living conditions here?

He needed to take him away from this place!

He smiled. “You’re a CEO with billions in wealth yet you praised a small basket of mine. This basket is so ugly. It can only be used to carry items. If another person managed to come up with something more beautiful, wouldn’t you be…”

It turned out that he had sighed over his praise. He caressed his hair lovingly. “There isn’t anyone else here. But even if there were others, I wouldn’t take a single glance at them.”

He lifted his chin and took in his stern features. His gaze was serious and he did not seem to be joking in the slightest.

Taehyung understood his feelings all too well. he was deeply moved and nodded.

“Wait for me here.” jungkook stood up and left the shed. He headed into the forest.

“Don’t go too far,” he raised his voice to say. It was getting dark and it wasn’t safe to go into the forest.

Even if he was sufficiently alert and well-trained, he could not help but worry.

When the sky was completely dark, jungkook returned with an enormous, dried tree trunk and a large rock. He tossed them outside the shed.

Soon after, he brought several tree branches and a bunch of dried grass into the shed.

Taehyung watched as he searched for several rocks nearby. He laid them on the ground, twenty centimeters apart to make a simple fire pit. He then placed the twigs and dried grass which he had found in the center of the fire pit.

Finally, he picked a relatively big branch and placed it in the center. He dug a hole with the surgical knife and inserted another branch into it.

He then twisted the twig between his palms, causing it to rub against the branch it was lodged into.

He gradually increased his strength as he did so.

Taehyung watched his actions and belatedly realized that he was attempting to make fire!

It was a pity that it was extremely difficult to produce fire with this method.

He spent nearly thirty minutes but could not ignite a single spark.

He saw that his palms were covered in blisters and could not help but speak up in heartache. “Hubby, forget it. It’s cold in the evening and it’s difficult to make a fire. Why don’t we try again tomorrow afternoon? It’ll be much easier when the weather is hot.”

“It’s precisely because it’s cold in the evening that we have to make a fire now.” He did not give up and continued persisting without a change in expression. It was as though he could not feel the pain in his palms.

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