Chapter 53

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At this moment, taehyung and jungkook were in the room of Jeon villa.

Taehyung took his phone out to look at a photo of little taehee. He could not help but praise. “Little taehee is really so adorable.”

Jungkook originally wanted to say that, if he liked little taehee this much, they could have a baby of their own.

However, his wife was facing difficulties in conceiving.. Perhaps, they would never have a child of their own.

Jungkook's heart ached as he swallowed his words back. “What’s so cute about her? Children are too much work to deal with.”

He glanced at him lightly. “You don’t like children?”

“No.” He spoke dishonestly.

Truthfully, he dearly hoped to have a baby with him.

If the child resembled taehyung, wouldn’t they be especially adorable?

“You’ve had a tiring day. Let’s sleep early.” He guided him towards the bed.

“En.” he nodded.

He glanced at his handsome features and sighed internally.

In their previous life, his miscarriage had sent him into misery and despair. How could he possibly dislike children?

He was simply worried that he would be unhappy and decided not to express it.

He lowered his head to glance at his flat stomach. Both of them were working hard everyday. Still, there was nothing to be done if his womb wasn’t helping them.

Next morning

There was a reclining chair next to the swimming pool in the Jeon Villa. taehyung laid there to sunbathe.

The sunlight wasn’t especially bright today and it was warm. It was good to absorb some vitamin D.

Furthermore, his skin had long become fair again. He wasn’t worried about getting a tan.

“Wife, I need to visit the company for a while.” jungkook stood by the chair and took in his charming beauty.

He could not bear to leave him. Everyday, he looked forward to being with him the most.

“Go on, then.” he waved his hand. 

Truthfully, he was also very busy managing the V Group and the Kang Group. However, he had relied on his memories to find some very capable and loyal subordinates.

He found the best people for the managerial and leadership positions in his company and only needed to work on the important matters herself. Thus, his workload became much lighter.

Jungkook pressed a loving kiss against his cheek. He glanced at him once more before turning to leave.

Taehyung brought his phone out and tapped on little taehee's picture again. The little one’s cheeks were red and she appeared especially adorable.

To be honest, he was very envious of jimin.

He was also genuinely happy for him.

It had been three years since he got with jungkook. The two of them had never used any birth control. Yet, he was not pregnant.

He could not help but feel disappointed about this.

“Young Madam, the Elder and Madam are here.” Butler Kim spoke to taehyung politely.

He glanced to the side and watched as a helper guided Elder Jeon and boah towards him.

Taehyung stood up and called them, “Grandfather, Mom.”

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