Chapter 51

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Soyeon watched as the couple left. She said, “Father, it’s clear that jungkoook's feelings for taehyung are sincere. Our Jeon family has to act with conscience. We cannot urge jungkook for a divorce.”

Jinyeong glanced at soyeon in astonishment. “You’re actually speaking properly for once. I thought you would take this opportunity to cause trouble.”

“Why would I do that?” soyeon put on a virtuous act. “I dearly wish for everything to be peaceful in the Jeon family.”

Dongwook turned to soyeon. “Sister-in-law, let me tell you honestly. The Jeon family will never force jungkook and taehyung into a divorce. Firstly, jungkook's matters are not for us to decide. Secondly, aside from taehyung's difficulties with conceiving, we are all very satisfied with him. As you saw earlier, before we had the chance to say anything, jungkook had already taken taehyung away without giving us any face.”

As jungkook's mother and dongwook's wife, boah was also very troubled. “But the Jeon family needs a successor. We are also very troubled by this matter and unsure of how to resolve it.”

Soyeon was precisely waiting for this moment. She glanced at them. “Father, Brother, Sister-in-law, I have a solution that may help.”

Jinyeong looked up. “Speak.”

soyeon carefully began, “Actually, if it’s just related to the matter of a successor, there’s absolutely no need for jungkook to have a divorce.”

Elder Jeon's expression immediately turned cold. “Eldest daughter-in-law, could it be that you wish for jaewon's son to inherit the Jeon family? Don’t even think about it! It’s been years since taeri passed away yet my Jeon family continues to raise you and your children. Both jaewon and minji were adopted. The Jeon family has fulfilled its utmost responsibility to the three of you. Besides, minji has committed so many wrongdoings. We already told you before you adopted them that your adopted children will not have any rights to succession. The Jeon family will never let jaewon become its future successor, much less his children!”

Soyeon had heard these words many times yet they always left her enraged. Still, she continued gently. “Father, don’t worry. Jaewon and I will never dare to have thoughts about anything that doesn’t belong to us.”

“That’s better.” The elder harrumphed loudly.

Soyeon then continued. “You were too impatient earlier. What I meant was that it’s simple to resolve this matter without forcing jungkook into a divorce. We just need another woman to give jungkook a child. Taehyung can then raise the child as his. The problem will then be resolved, won’t it?”

The moment she said so, jinyeong, dongwook and boah fell silent.

Soyeon then added fuel to the fire. “I understand that taehyung will be enduring some grievance in this matter. But who asked him to have difficulties in conceiving? The Jeon family cannot be without a successor.”

“Alright, let’s not mention this matter for now.” jinyeong stopped her. 

A hint of a smile flashed past soyeon's face.

Jaewon, on the other hand, appeared a little upset.

After breakfast, soyeon and jaewon returned to their  Residence.

This was the residence they had been given in the old Jeon family’s home.

The moment they stepped in, jaewon raised his voice in anger. “Mom, you’ve gone crazy! How could you give the Jeon family such a good idea? It’ll only benefit me if jungkook doesn’t have any children. If they do as you said, what benefit could I possibly pick up in the Jeon family!”

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