Chapter 7 [M]

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Who asked him to declare time after time that he wanted to abort the child? In his previous life, he had committed too many evil deeds and destroyed everyone's trust in him. The Jeon family were once again disappointed in him.

He was too heartbroken by the incident and starved for nearly half a month. Finally, when he was only left with skins and bones, jungkook stopped mentioning this matter again.

Ever since that incident, he could no longer conceive again.

That bowl of medicine not only killed his child. It had also harmed his body.

Everyone mocked him for being a chicken that couldn't lay eggs.

The Jeon family naturally did not want a son-in-law who could not conceive. Furthermore, everyone believed that this was a result of his own actions. Even jungkook had to endure the pressure from the elders.

Despite this, jungkook would rather end his own bloodline than to abandon him. In fact, in order to protect him, he nearly cut off his relations with the Jeon family.

On several occasions, taehyung realised that jungkook would visit a small room late at night. The room was filled with various items meant for babies.

There were prams, diapers, milk powder, rice powder...

He had asked the butler about this and he informed him that jungkook had personally chosen these items after learning that he was pregnant.

He had stood outside the room to watch as jungkook touched the items in heartache. On many occasions, his eyes had been wet.

It was clear that he had loved their unborn child dearly.

Taehyung could never understand why he had lost control over his body and drank that medicine.

Aside from this, there were also several occasions where he commited foolish acts outside of his control. Each one of these incidents pushed him into a deeper hole.

He had secretly investigated this matter and it took a long time before he finally learned that minji was capable of hypnotising others!

Unfortunately, minji was extremely skilled. Through all the experiences he had, he could not find the slightest evidence to prove that minji was behind it all.

He returned to himself from those memories.

Taehyung recalled the child he had lost and a hint of hatred flashed past his eyes as he glanced at minji.

Minji assumed that she had unintentionally stepped on taehyung's sore spot and smirked.

If he could not conceive, God was truly on her side.

Jungkook brought taehyung upstairs. It was clear that the two of them were going to rest.

Minji took in their back views. The man appeared tall and broad-shouldered while the other was small and slender. Appearance-wise, they appeared to be a match made in heaven.

However, taehyung's wasn't supposed to occupy the space by jungkook's side. That space belonged to her!

Beneath minji's refined appearance, her jealousy was spilling over.

She paid attention to movements from jungkook's room for quite some time.

The two of them did not leave their room even once.

Minji was extremely angry!

Jungkook's room was especially extravagant and luxurious. Whenever he wasn't around, only the helpers were allowed to enter his room to clean it.

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