Chapter 24

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The sun was nearing the horizon and it painted the sky with its colours. The red, orange and green weaved in between each other… and the late afternoon sky appeared just like an illusion. It was difficult to take one’s eyes away from this beautiful sight!

Jaewon stood behind taehyung and watched as the stunning sunset colours amplified his stunning figure. His beauty was out of this world!

His heart could not help but skip a beat.

This man’s appearance truly left him astonished.

Jaewon saw that there wasn’t anyone else around. He approached him. “taehyung.”

He glanced at him coldly. “Address me as Madam Jeon.”

“taehyung, we grew up together. We’re childhood friends…”

He could not be bothered with his words and quickly turned to leave. He rushed to stop him. “Listen to me…”

“Get straight to the point!”

“I apologise on minji's behalf. She shouldn’t have caused trouble at your company. It’s still a light punishment for her to be detained for three days.” jaewon watched him in infatuation.

At the thought that he was the director behind the wealthy V Finance Group, his heart was filled with all sorts of unpleasant feelings.

If he had accepted his feelings back then, V Finance Group would be his today!

He recalled taehyung's feelings for him in the past and felt certain that he still loved him.

Thus, he summoned up his courage to confess. “taehyung, I love you!”

Taehyung came to a halt. He stared at him in disbelief. Did he take the wrong medicine? Instead of begging for mercy on his sister’s behalf, he was actually confessing to him?

Unbeknown to them, the first thing jungkook did after finishing his work was to return to the Jeon family’s old mansion to inquire about his newly wed wife’s whereabouts.

The helper informed him that he was in the backyard and he soon came searching for him.

When jungkook saw that jaewon was also present, he paused behind the rock garden. He wanted to see what tricks jaewon had to pull.

This foolish thing. He actually dared to confess to his wife. He had to be tired of living!

But then, he recalled the unconcealable feelings taehyung used to hold for jaewon.

Although he was fully aware of taehyung's feelings right now, his cold, frozen heart could not help but be unhappy.

“taehyung, I know that you don’t love jungkook at all.” His gaze was loving. “You only love his power and wealth, don’t you?”

Jungkook began to feel anxious.

He was deeply afraid taehyung would give an answer that would drive him to murder someone.

“I already have enough money.” taehyung's expression was indifferent.

But jaewon remained firm. “No one would complain about having too much money. By becoming Madam Jeon, you’re able to stand at the highest point of this world. Thus, you’re in love with jungkook's money! And the man you actually love is me!”

Taehyung smiled mockingly and responded coldly. “jaewon, I don’t owe you any explanations for my feelings or actions. You’re not good enough! Still, as your cousin-in-law, I don’t mind telling you this out of the goodness of my heart. I won’t deny that I do like jungkook's money.”

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