Chapter 45

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In the shadows, a gun barrel was directed straight at jungkook. The trigger was pulled the next second.

Jungkook noticed something amiss and immediately tugged taehyung to dart into a nearby home.

The bullet flew past his shoulder and dug into the wall behind.

Jungkook and taehyung kept their backs bent as they quietly snuck upstairs. They exchanged confused gaze and both appeared very concerned.

Jungkook had previously mentioned that the people who had tried to assassinate him were from the Dark Moon Organisation. Could it be that they were this well-informed and had sent more people after them?

Logically speaking, the two of them had gone off the grid and were yet to successfully contact anyone.

There weren’t any signals on the island they had stayed on previously, either.

Besides, the villagers on that island were clueless as to where they were headed to.

It was impossible for the Dark Moon Organisation to come pursuing them this quickly. What was going on?

“It’s not safe here.” jungkook mouthed these words to taehyung and brought him to the balcony on the second floor. They climbed down to the first floor and entered another home from the back.

He carefully checked the place and confirmed that there was no one else in here. Then, he instructed taehyung to hide behind the door while he hid behind a wall. He carefully began to analyze the direction of the bullet that was fired earlier. 
It seemed like the opponent was hiding behind the hill across them.

He carefully darted out from the home and disappeared across the street.

A moment later, he silently made his way up the hill.

He approached the place without making any noise. As expected, he found a foreign man hiding behind a bush. He wore a backpack on his back and had a gun directed straight at the house in front of him.

It seemed like he believed that the two of them were still in there and was waiting to fire the next shot.

Jungkook picked up a large rock and aimed it straight at his head. With that, he delivered a fatal blow to the person.

He snatched the gun from the man’s hand and took the backpack away from him. He opened it up quickly.

There were several pieces of bread, a pile of rope, a phone, several pieces of chocolate and two bottles of water in the pack.

A set of binoculars was also hung on his neck.

He put the backpack on and flipped the man’s body over.

It seemed like this was a middle-aged, foreign man. His features seemed to be European.

He took the binoculars from the body.

He glanced at the man’s body. The person did not appear to be a well-trained assassin.

After ensuring that there wasn’t anyone else on the mountain, he quietly returned to taehyung's side.

Taehyung was waiting behind the door obediently. He appeared to be very worried.

When he saw jungkook, he immediately rushed into his arms. “Hubby, where did you go?”

“I got rid of the person who attacked us earlier.” He held up the gun in his hand and pointed to the backpack. “There’s a phone in the backpack. There’s also a rope, three pieces of bread, a few pieces of chocolate and two bottles of water. I also snatched his binoculars. I checked the island from the hill earlier, it’s basically an abandoned island. It doesn’t seem like there are any inhabitants, but every so often, there are a few figures running between and hiding in the homes. Their movements are strange.”

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