Chapter 52

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In the kang mansion, yoongi and jimin were living with hyunsoo and hyunseok in kang mansion.

Jimin was sitted on living room while watching tv. Hyunseok and hyunsoo had gone for a walk.

Jimin was totally nine months pregnant and his due date was near.

Yoongi bought a glass of juice for jimin and sat beside him after handling the juice to him.

Jimin took a sip while softly asking "is tae.... alright?"

Yoongi's expression turned heavy. “he… isn’t doing too well. The doctors have determined that tae will have difficulties conceiving.” At the mention of this topic, yoongi's heart began to ache for his brother. “The Jeon family’s elders are hoping he can give jungkook a child soon and have been pressuring him over it.”

Jimin stood up in agitation. “If the Jeon family isn’t satisfied with tae, we’ll bring him home with us!”

“tae and jungkook were originally living in the old Jeon family’s mansion. They have now moved back to the Jeon Villa.” yoongi explained heavily. “I previously visited the Jeon Villa to urge him not to stress himself too much. I told him he could move back to the Kim home if they weren’t treating him well. But he told me that he isn’t feeling any pressure and that he isn’t affected by their opinions.”

“he must be facing a lot of pressure. I’m sure he said so because he didn’t want you to worry.” jimin's expression was filled with regret. “I’m in the wrong. I’m tae's closest friend yet I haven’t been by his side all this while. He must be very upset…”

“he has always been strong. Also you are pregnant as well. Don't blame yourself. ” yoongi said, “I’ve spoken to jungkook privately. He said that he wouldn’t allow the pressure from the Jeon family’s elders to affect tae. He has always kept to his word. I hope he won’t ever let tae down. Otherwise, I won’t forgive him!”

Jimin held yoongi's hand tightly. “Hubby, we have to become tae's strongest supporters. Did you know? If it wasn’t for him, we would never have the opportunity to be together.”

He recounted him meeting with hoshi as well as the misfortune he had almost met with him. He also detailed the way tae had saved him and punished hoshi with his lawyers.

When yoongi heard his story, he fell silent for a moment. He then held his shoulders. “Our happiness was given by tae. If it wasn’t for him, we would both be suffering a lot of misfortune right now. In the future, we have to treat him well. He has really endured too many difficulties. Life truly hasn’t been kind to him.”

“En.” jimin was in tears. “he is our miracle. I really wish to see him. Could we go back to see him right now?”

He gently wiped his tears away. “Sure, let's go.”

"let me get ready." yoongi help him to get ready.

When they reached the outside of the Kang mansion. They encounter with hyunsoo and hyunseok who were returning from their walk.

"Yoongi where are you taking my son-in-law?" hyunseok asked him when he saw them leaving.

"Your son-in-law want to meet tae."
Yoongi said.

"hmm,  drive safely." yoongi nodded at hyunsoo.

Both of them left to after bidding goodbye to them.

They were in their way when all of a sudden, jimin turned pale and cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong, wife?” yoongi asked hin urgently.

“My stomach hurts! I think I’m about to give birth!” jimin's complexion was as pale as a sheet of paper.

He sped down the road towards the hospital. “My wife, don’t be afraid. I’m here with you…”

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