Chapter 9

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The next morning, at 7:40, a Bugatti Veyron drove into the JJK empire's main office’s car park located in the business district.

Work began at 8:00 a.m. and the employees tended to flood in around this time.

Taehyung alighted from the extravagantly luxurious Bugatti Veyron. A crowd of employees had already begun to gather when his car came to a stop.

“Wow, it’s a Bugatti!” A female employee exclaimed.

There were also male employees sizing up the car to discuss. “This car is worth over twenty-five million dollars. Very few people can afford it even in a bustling place like the city centre…”

Everyone watched as taehyung alighted and people were further taken aback. They all commented. “A good car is truly compatible with a beautiful man!”

“Tsk, isn’t it just taehyung? Look at that car plate. Even ghosts would recognise it. Wasn’t Boss the one who bought this car for him?” A female employee located at the back of the crowd sounded particularly jealous. “If he was relying on himself, as a broke male student whose family has gone bankrupt, I bet he wouldn’t be able to afford a Cherry QQ worth a few thousand dollars.”

Most of the people who parked their cars here were employees from the JJK company. When they overheard her words, they all turned to look at her in amazement.

Another female employee tugged on her sleeves and whispered. “minae, don’t you know who he is? He is our future CEO’s wife. Don’t offend him.”

The employee named minae harrumphed coldly. “So what if he is the future CEO’s wife? That’s only because he is lucky.” She asked in taehyung's direction, “Mr. Kim, won’t you allow us to speak the truth? Tell us yourself. If Boss didn’t not purchase this Bugatti for you, would you have the right to own such a car?”

The crowd of employees turned to look at taehyung with strange expressions.

They all felt that minae was somewhat correct.

But the truth was, with taehyung's achievements today, he could easily purchase a Bugatti Veyron worth over twenty-five million dollars. He simply chose not to do so.

Taehyung asked indifferently. “In that case, who do you think has the right to own this car?”

“Of course it’s the Jeon family’s adopted daughter. Only Miss minji, who is the true granddaughter of the Kang Group can afford such a luxurious car.” minae's expression was filled with admiration as she spoke about minji. “She is the Kang Group’s only successor and is a proper well-bred lady from a good family. Her status is extremely valuable.”

Taehyung noticed that minji's car had coincidentally driven into the carpark. After parking her car, minji immediately approached them. “minji herself can’t afford a Bugatti Veyron. Didn’t you see? Her car is a Mercedes-Benz worth only a few hundred thousand dollars.”

“Only a few hundred thousand dollars…” minae appeared to have heard an especially amusing joke.

She scanned the silent crowd around them. “Everyone, did you hear that? It seems like a few hundred thousand dollars isn’t a lot to taehyung. He’s been acting like a leech and clinging onto our boss. I bet that if you leave our boss, you wouldn’t even be able to afford a thousand dollars!”

taehyung smiled.

The V Finance Group that he had established was involved in various industries. It’s yearly profit was more than ten digits.

To speak the truth, he had never taken a single cent from jungkook to establish his own business. He had also never relied on jungkook's influence to get to this point. That was also why no one was aware of the accomplishments he had made thus far.

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