Chapter 15

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The next day, jungkook and jinyeong sat down for a chess match in the Jeon family’s old mansion’s yard.

Taehyung brought another chair over to sit by their side. “Both of you are really skilled. You’ve had almost six matches yet it isn’t clear who the winner is.”

Jinyeong asked him. “Between kook and I, who appears to be more skilled?”

Taehyung tapped on his chin. “Grandfather, would you prefer to listen to the truth or to lies?”

“Of course it’s the truth.” jinyeong put on a stern expression. “I’m already an old man. I have no interest in words that go around the circle.”

“Alright then.” taehyung could only speak truthfully. “jungkook's skills are slightly above yours. However, he is a junior and he is worried about your health. Thus, he has been giving in to you. Still, he doesn’t like being at a disadvantage. Thus every single match has ended in a draw.”

“Oh?” jinyeong looked at him in surprise. “You actually observed us this clearly? Tae, you’re not too bad yourself.”

“I’m jungkook's wife.” he smiled. “With such a smart and capable husband, I can’t be too foolish myself.”

“Good, good!” jinyeong responded back with a smile. “In fact, I’ve always known that jungkook is especially meticulous. Although I knew that he has been in control of our chess contests, I’ve still only been able to move my pieces as he intended them to.”

This was the reason why his grandson performed so outstandingly in both chess and his career despite his young age.

Jungkook raised his brows. “Why do you enjoy the matches so much if you know you won’t be able to defeat me?”

“I’m slowly putting in the effort and working hard so that I can eventually defeat you.” A hint of grievance and helplessness appeared on jinyeong's wrinkled features. “It’s a pity that your skills have only been improving in the past ten years. No matter how hard I work, I’ll never be able to keep up with the pace of you young people.”

“Grandfather, you have to understand that this is all thanks to your outstanding bloodline. Jungkook took after your capability and therefore became this intelligent,” taehyung flattered him.

Jinyeong nodded and smiled. “I enjoy hearing those words.”

At this moment, sehun approached them and respectfully began speaking. “Elder, Boss, Mr. Kim, the cause behind minho's death has been found. He died of a cardiac arrest.”

jinyeong was surprised. “He had a heart disease? I’ve never heard of this.”

“He dids.” sehun reported. “According to the forensic investigator, he had been controlling his symptoms with medication while he was alive.”

“Did he consume any other medication?” jungkook questioned.

Sehun shook his head. “He died abruptly because of cardiac arrest.”

Jungkook frowned. “To think that they didn’t leave a single clue behind. It seems like the instigator is quite capable!”

Jinyeong deliberated over this. “Could it be that he really died because of his illness?”

“And he so happened to have attempted to kill you right before that?” jungkook asked.

Jinyeong fell silent and his expression stiffened. He understood that this matter could not be so simple.

Taehyung suspected that minji was behind this. In fact, her entire family was too suspicious.

However, the other party was really cunning and did not leave any clues behind.

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