Chapter 5

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In the study room upstairs, several framed calligraphy pieces were displayed on the wall.

There were famous antiques as well as jinyeong's works. Jinyeong was extremely fond of calligraphy. His works also drew a lot of admiration.

The shelves were also filled with various books and the scent of books was heavy in the air.

Taehyung directly approached a beautiful calligraphy piece hung on the wall. It wasn’t signed.

Nonetheless, he read the words out softly: [All rivers run into the sea]

“What beautiful calligraphy! Grandfather, you must have written this, didn’t you?”

A hint of astonishment flashed past jinyeong's experienced gaze. “How did you know?”

“These words appear to be written by an experienced hand. The ink gives off a refined aura and the strokes were made without any hesitation. It has the boldness of a dragon’s spirit! Calligraphy tends to resemble the person who wrote it. It is outstanding in ways that are similar to you, Grandfather.” Although taehyung was speaking truthfully, it was likely that he was also trying to flatter him.

“Hahaha… I never expected that my future grand son-in-law would have a keen appreciation for calligraphy.” A hint of admiration appeared in jinyeong's gaze.

“Grandfather, you flatter me too much. I’ve also practiced calligraphy a little myself. I’ll write some words for you when we have the time.” he had intentionally learned this after his rebirth in order to win Grandfather Jeon's favour. He had invested time to learn this skill deeply.

Come to think of it, it had been more than a year since he secretly began his practice.

“Good, good.” jinyeong stroked his white beard and suddenly spoke seriously. “taehyung, you will soon marry into our Jeon family. In the past, the rumours about you and jaewon…

“Those are all rumours.” taehyung responded calmly. “Grandfather, think about it. Your grandson, jungkook, is so outstanding. Even if I was blind, I would still be able to tell that a sesame seed like jaewon is in no way any competition for a diamond. Put it simply, logically speaking, it’s impossible for me to like jaewon.”

“Is jungkook really in your heart?” jinyeong struggled to put his worries to rest. “I only have one grandson. If you hurt his feelings…”

“Grandfather, he really occupies the space in my heart.” taehyung's expression was sincere. “He occupies all of it.”

This was jungkook's first time sneaking behind a door to listen to their conversation. When he heard this fiancée’s serious confession, his frozen heart was instantly filled with joy and sweetness.

He had followed after them because he was worried about taehyung. Thankfully, he had decided to do so.

Otherwise, wouldn’t he have missed out on hearing his feelings?

Jinyeong stroked his white moustache in satisfaction. “Truthfully speaking, in the past, both jungkook's parents and I did not approve of this marriage. However, as you were a grandson-in-law selected by my late wife, as well as the only request jungkook has ever made of us, we decided to let things be. 
Jungkook absolutely detests betrayal. We initially thought that, considering the rumours between you and jaewon, it would be unlikely for your relationship to come to fruition. To think you would both be able to make it this far. Grandfather has seen the performance where you sang jungkook. I also heard your confession for him. I was also deeply moved by you.”

He suddenly winked at him mischievously. “You sang too well. I’ll tell you this secretly: I’m actually your fan. It’s a pity that you’re not a singer.”

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