Chapter 32

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No matter what he said, she absolutely would not admit it.

This was because the moment she did so, she would be admitting to murder.

“After Auntie lee passed away, Nurse jeong left on a trip to the mountains and fell to her death. On that same trip, someone saw yoonjo appear. You say, could it be that yoonjo had pushed her off of the cliff?” Although hyunsoo was asking questions, he appeared to already know the answers.

“Grandfather, why are you bringing up all these people whom I don’t know?” minji's expression was filled with confusion.

“You insist on pretending further, is it?” hyunsoo went on to expose everything. “Although Auntie Lee and Nurse jeong appear to be two, unrelated individuals, they share a commonality. They are both related to the Kim family’s people. Auntie Lee used to be the Kim family’s helper and had the ability to interact with everyone in the Kim family.” His gaze shifted onto his grandson, taehyung, who was seated on the couch. “That includes tae.”

He paused for a moment before continuing. “As for Nurse jeong, back when she was alive, she had been hyuntae's, taehyung's father’s, personal nurse. She had the ability to get close to hyuntae.” His sharp, wise gaze landed on minji. “Meanwhile, you brought your father’s and ‘your’ hair to me and requested for a DNA test to be done. Based on the result, you were proven to be the Kang Group’s only successor. Clearly, your ‘father’s’ hair had been taken from hyuntae by Nurse Jeong. As for ‘your hair’, Auntie Lee had obtained them by searching through the trash bin for taehyung's hair while she had been working at the Kim home as a servant. It’s no wonder that you were able to succeed with the DNA test ploy. However, you must not have expected Auntie lee to realise the way you became the Kang family’s granddaughter, and to threaten you for money. Thus, you murdered her to silence her.”

Jaewon and soyeon were both deeply astonished. It turned out that hyunsoo already knew that taehyung was his actual grandson. He even knew of all of the schemes hidden during this time!

It seemed… minji was truly doomed this time.

Minji also did not expect hyunsoo to know so much. Despite this, she harrumphed coldly. “Grandfather, Auntie Lee and nurse jeong are both dead. No matter how you slander me, you don’t have any evidence behind these claims. How did you find out about these matters? Did taehyung tell you about them?”

“That’s right.” It was taehyung who responded to her. “I was the one who investigated these matters and told my grandfather about them.”

Hyunsoo also nodded.

Minji spoke angrily. “You’re even addressing him as your grandfather. You’re truly harbouring evil motives.”

She then immediately said to hyunsoo, “Grandfather, you must not believe in taehyung. This man has too many connections and must have used them to pin his crimes on me. I’m the one who did the DNA test with you. I’m your actual granddaughter. He’s trying to impersonate me. If you don’t believe me, we can have another DNA test done!”

Look at that indignant expression!

She appeared as though she had a clean conscience.

In fact, minji understood that she had lost all her advantages. She only spoke the way she did to delay time.

It would be best if she could find an opportunity to escape on their way to the hospital.

“Since the DNA test has already been done, what’s the point of repeating it?” hyunsoo was unmoved.

At this moment, a maid pushed a middle-aged man on a wheelchair into the living room.

Hyunsoo pointed at the middle-aged man. “I’m sure you know him, don’t you?”

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