Chapter 1

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As some time had passed, taehyung's hurt from losing his mother gradually eased a little.

Throughout this period of time, jimin had been reporting to yoongi's apartment everyday. When he saw the news about eunha's death sentence, he rushed to give taehyung a call. “My dear, forgive me. I’ve only just learned that your mother passed away.”

“It’s alright.” On the other side of the phone, taehyung sounded at ease. “eunha is already dead. My mother will be able to rest peacefully now. I’m sorry. I didn’t wish to hear words of comfort from anyone, so I wasn’t able to tell you about my mother when the news first broke.”

“I understand.” jimin knew that this sort of pain only worsened with other people’s comfort. Besides… taehyung had lived in the room where his mother’s corpse was buried for more than seven years. Considering the trauma that he would have gone through, it was amazing that he made it out of this unscathed.

“Don’t worry.” taehyung smiled. “Besides, jungkook has been guarding closely by my side recently. I’m strong and I’ve already recovered a lot.”

“Don’t worry about your brother, either.” jimin began with some embarrassment. “My dear, I’ve been visiting your brother every single day. A few days ago, I noticed that his mood was especially poor, but I didn’t realise that I accompanied him through this difficult time by accident.”

Taehyung was surprised. He rushed to ask. “minnie, you…”

“That’s right, I have feelings for your brother.” jimin decided to be honest. “I’m trying to pursue him. However, he keeps coming up with ways to get rid of me. Do you know, I’ve been visiting his place everyday, but he kept trying to chase me out all this while. If I hadn’t insisted that the apartment belongs to you and that I’ve already received your permission to visit him, he wouldn’t have given up. Thankfully, he no longer tries to keep me out. I hope you won’t blame me for clinging onto him using you as an excuse.”

“I won’t blame you, chim. I’m really happy.” taehyung sounded agitated. “I really, really hope things will work out for you and my brother!”

“Really?” jimin was also happy. “That’s great. I’m going to become your brother-in-law for sure!”

“That’s a promise.” taehyung thought about it and continued. “minnie, in fact, I bought the apartment in xx District with the savings my brother previously had. I spent over a hundred thousand dollars. The apartment is also registered under his name. He doesn’t know this because I made the decision to buy the apartment for him. He believes that I have rented that apartment for him for ten years.”

“You did well, taetae. Property prices have been rising recently. Yoongi really made a good deal on this.” jimin suddenly thought of something. “You and your brother are really close. He gave you so much money at a go.”

“Oh, my brother gave me the money to help him with his case. You know that I spent a lot of money on lawyer fees and for hiring professionals to help me locate beomseok. Since I had enough money on my own, I decided to help my brother with it.”

If he did not have the money to help his brother, that sum would definitely have been prioritised for clearing his name.

Jimin did not suspect anything. “You siblings are really close. Yoongi is so lucky to have a brother like you.”

“He’ll be even luckier if he marries you. My brother is an introvert and doesn’t tend to take the initiative. jimin, you have to work hard!”

“Don’t worry. I’m full of motivation!”

The two of them chatted for a while longer before ending the call.

Jimin deliberated over this and decided not to tell yoongi that the apartment was registered under his name. Otherwise, it could reignite his efforts to chase him away.

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